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Bottomles toy chest - huge cool down


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It looked suspicious at the beginning so I waited to have the confirmation: the cool down for the newly created toy chest is 42 hours while for the one Mur made it's only 24.

To be honest, I do not know, again, if it's a bug or intended.

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It would be in line with some other things to have a longer cooldown for self-made or more accessible items than special-made items. I wonder if the code is written in seconds or hours, that would solve whether it was a typo or not. It's harder to mistake for 151200 for 86400 than it is to mistake 42 for 24.

Also this topic has a clickbait title, roughly double doesn't count as huge! :P

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Ann. 4519 - [2018-08-10 23:12:49 - Stage 13] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   0 likes    
After it was raised on the forum I discussed the cooldown times on the toy box with Mur. He explained that it was intended for the "original" ones to have a shorter cooldown (a day) compared to the ones you can now make (42 hours). However after discussing, we decided to reduce that cooldown to 36 hours for the new ones. These changes have been made retroactively so those already owning a "new" one have had theirs altered.

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