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Research and Connections clues


Research and Connections Clues  

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Ann. 4630 - [2019-03-05 01:27:07 - Stage 14] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur   4 likes  
Research and connection clues taken from personal notes
I posted a new research and connections clue in Gateway Island doc. Honest feedback is welcome. Also based on your feedback i will decide if i should continue to post unfinished work as clues or not. I have A LOT of notes prepared for my second book about balance, and i am not sure if i will ever be able to put them in a coherent form to form a book with start and end, but as pieces of information they are valuable and interesting. If you would like me to populate md with "reserarch and connections" taken from these notes, even if they are not md related, let me know.
Even if not MD related, all my research is greatly influenced, and even caused, by the md experience and by the things i learned in md...so in a way they are related somehow.

^First poll question as per this announcement.

What I want to know is if people think the way clues are obtained now is appropriate or not. You can currently create a new alt and have 10 unused research points to collect any clues you don't have with your main account, and if you don't care about the wishpoint usage on that alt, age it to get active day wishpoints and use those to unlock more clue points to get the deeper level clues. Doing this would easily save having to use the wishpoints for clues on your main account which is attractive, at least to me, because there are many good wish shop choices and few wishpoints to use on them. I don't see myself ever using a wish on research and connection points because there's about 30 wishes I would buy before then out of the 7 wishpoints I have earned so far.

So maybe it could be changed how clues are obtained? I suggest as an item in the shop, you could have one credit per clue, or maybe more exclusive like a wishpoint reward code and instead being a clues reward code.

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I'll comment, because...I spent two WPs to get research clues. Pretty dumb, huh? I did, though - because that's what interested me: research. My problem is not with the system of getting research clues, my problem is that I can't reach lvl3 research clues. 

Even though I voted 'no' on both questions, it's not a definite NO, it's a...mellow one, since my problem isn't about those things. I have 8 research points and no way to reach next level; to me, that's a sign the system isn't finished.

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I agree with Ungod. The system itself is fine. But new achievements to unlock higher level clues are needed. (currently only lvl 1and 2)

That said, higher lvl clues could be unlocked via similar achievements or maybe something else.  Ideas?

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Technically speaking, i do believe there is a Wish option that randomly unlocks any clues you havnt yet unlocked. This being said, its possible to unlock tier 3 or higher clues atm by using said wishpoint after unlocking all level 1 and 2, with luck dictating results, but thats a rather heavy price to pay. Worth it, but heavy.

I agree with Azull. Id prefer it if progressive level unlocking was implemented like leveling is with 1-2, but for all the higher tiers. Maybe also add more age wishpoints so the fossils can go research hunting in kind.

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I'm with Josephine here.

I think the initial research level requirements are just fine (like a little push in form of "here's a 'free' taste of MD research, let's see what you do with it"), but in order to progress further you'd have to somehow grow as a researcher (and maybe get a tag too, why not?). Ideally (to me, at least), one of the paths that could unlock the higher levels would be submitting your own research clue(s) and having the powers that be approve it (though I guess no one's taking care of the R&C interface right now).


 As for the "alt trick" to unlock clues, perhaps add another requirement to the research wishes so as to prevent it? Fight count, friend count, etc.

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