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Mindpower 6 - Whats the plans?


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None currently.

Recently I reduced the requirement to entry so that more, if they want to, can become MP6. However its another "half finished" work in my opinion. The spell tree is a little lackluster, certainly in the current MD, and the main important thing is the bringin casts I think.

If anyone has an opinion about what they think it should do, or how we could change it, I welcome it.

Maybe you think its super not important?

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Just now, Chewett said:

Maybe you think its super not important?

Congrats you've adopted my speech style.

To make spells work in MD is a gigantic monumental work if you think about balancing issues. Current system(last i remember) is very cutting edge already, to make it somehow more practical & intuitive. Though again i must say perhaps, ease the requirements so shy and lazy people can go to MD6 too.

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Depends whether you want to make it a very serious protector type, or something benign.

Benign option: I would add some crazy yet benign spells in it, like the 'freeze' spell was (freeze X number of target players creatures in combat), lots of seemingly balance breaking spells but in some not that important microcosmos such as combat.

Serious option: MP6 being able to help with revival, death prevention, and stuff on that scale.

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Alright then, Jub got some gears turning so here i go, adding on to my previous post.

1) MP6 should unlock higher tier spells over time spent in MP6 across the account (past and present MP6 time summed together) instead of via worship.

2) Give MP6 the ability to revive any of those that worship them with relative ease (4350 Heat & 100 flowers), as well as immunity to Death.

3) Rework the entire MP6 spelltree so the new spells are updated, relevant, and actually useful.

4) New MP6 ability "JumpToWorshipper". Much like JumpToLeader, but... well you get the idea.

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Just a quick idea: Change how the mp6 adept count is done, make it so you only have to meet the adept count to become and stay mp6 allowing you to drop below the 15 adepts and stay as mp6. What will cause you to lose mp6 status is if someone else from your land reaches 15 adepts as well as passes you in number of adepts, thus allowing only one mp6 for each land determined by who has the most adepts.

*slight correction: you will need both 15 adepts and to be the highest adept count in your land to become mp6

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Some sort of land guardian then Mallos? That could work.

Tho im more a fan of the faction idea. Mp6 works towards an idea and gets followers in the process. Once mp6 he could even create an alliance. If the mp6 falls the alliance ends.

Question then is if you want to base alliances in lands

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