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MP7 - Whats the plans?


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Some, but none immediately.

MP7 has been given to Fang (on the promise he does something with it) and Sunfire (Earned, no requirements on usage).

In addition, those who are on the gateway have been given the use of it for training newbies. This is purely to use the ability of attacking cross mindpower.

All of these players understand that when MP7 changes, it might be quite drastic.

The vague plans

Currently MP7 is the illusion mindpower, and going forward it will be used as such. Currently when going into an illusion, you are forced to remain it in for a period of time. Once that has ran out it will let you leave the illusion.

One of the changes that are going to be made is to add a negative effect for if you remain in the illusion for too long. The magic will slowly decay and staying in the illusion for too long may permanently affect your character. The worse case scenario is that you strain it so much you are forcibly returned, possibly with disastrous consequences...

Originally I hoped the original MP7 roleplayer to directly help me with development but instead I will probably be working with Sunfire or another player going forward.

Other uses of MP7

MP7 also allows some cool effects such as the masquerade ball we performed, and the fair fighting tournament where everyone had a set illusion team. If you have ideas feel free to post them here and we can work out what we can do.

This is on the back burner as it needs more extensive rework as the MP7 system wasnt massively worked on.


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To clarify, I tried to move forward with mp7 on my own so as to not bother the higher ups since "dont bother me with coding needs" was heavily engrained in my skull at this point, and every idea I had required of said needs.

I've done what I could with my limited time and tools, if that was unsatisfactory I apologise. I had a feeling things would go this way so I passed all my mp7 knowledge unto Sunny long ago.

Best of luck and wishes to Sunfire and Azull, two I'm sure will do monumentally better with the 7 than I ever could. 

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I have contacted Azull and Fang already and collected some data. I will contact you soon with the findings once i have managed to put it in a decent format. I am aware changes wont happen soon but i am curious what we will be able to make out of it.

But aside what we mp7 think , what do you guys think our role is?

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16 hours ago, Chewett said:

In addition, those who are on the gateway have been given the use of it for training newbies. This is purely to use the ability of attacking cross mindpower.

This were not the case; only Azull doth possess of this ability, and the remaining guardians engage of those newly arrived in other methods, such as that of role-play, and in trade; never in combat. Although Azull doth remain in ascendance, I fear there were oft insufficient beings upon the Island for one to learn of combat; I further note that combat were among that that doth result in those beings remaining within the realm. There were one else of the Third Mind-Power who doth remain evermore upon the Island to aid, and she doth engage also in combat. (Mayhap, a method for the guards to return to the Third Mind Power temporarily may aid in this, but I believe a more permanent solution were simply to allow those newly arrived upon the Island to be able to attack betwixt all Mind-Powers while upon the Island until they have passed of a number of activity-days.)

I believe the intention were to add of non-player characters upon the Island, that there may be some purpose of combat upon the Island; until then, a solitary newling may only engage of Azull, and sometime of the evergreen MP3, in combat upon the Island.

On the topic of the Seventh Mind-Power:
While I have never attained of this, I am advised that the power afforded by one of the Seventh were thus:

- the ability to gain of illusion-creatures, and create of rituals that doth contain them at will
- to roam, unfettered of Points of Action
- and to evade of the requirement of like Mind-Power in combat engagement.

It doth seem that although this were an ideal ability-set to teach of the combat-laws of the realm to those new of it, the remaining purpose doth seem lacking, other than for the benefit of the one who hath ascended thus far.

If the Sixth Mind-Power were one that were devoid of combat; such that one hath ascended from such petty wiles as combat, and devotes her existence to protection of others, then the Seventh, I believe, should also have beneficent function beyond that of the aforementioned. As one of the Third Mind-Power upon the Island doth look toward the guardians as guide; so should the Fifth Mind-Power view of the Seventh.

In keeping with the theme of Illusions, I offer of these suggestions in example of ability (and with reference to other topics that Chewett did bring to light); I do believe of illusions to be a temporary reality for this purpose:

- to conjure of illusory players (in essence, to create MP2 NPCs much like those upon Golemus, or within Necrovion) - this, may, in example, serve purpose upon the Island of the Gateway, or even to those of the Fourth Mind-Power; or one may even raise of an army to role-play) - these would disappear after a certain number of engagements in combat

- to return one to transient life, or death (when such illusions do end, the being shall return to her previous state; this may, in example, aid the dead in passage toward a death-anchor); alternatively, a temporary ward to prevent of death

- to temporarily add of a Principle to another without a full-cohort thereof (noting that these shall be lost when such illusions do end, revealing only that which were then further earned from the land)

- to summon of portals, or passageways, or bridges; that others may pass to new locales, or circumvent of the requirement of Action-Points

Although these may be rather far-fetched abilities, each illusion should come at commensurate cost, in balance. One seeks of the patissiere to create of her cake, or other confection; and of the illusionist to conjure a ward, or an army, or of magic.

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