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Torch Contest


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  • Root Admin

The torch contest was originally something designed to have lands compete against each other to gain rewards for the land and personally. You would grab a torch from your homeland and slowly make your way to score a point against another homeland. This was made harder by some AP difficulty.

Currently this has some issues, with Guardians of Bob blocking access to some of the lands. So this would be one problem that would need to be resolved before we ran this again.

In addition, we would want it to be a little more interesting, It got dull after a couple times.

One of the issues was it was easier to get to some lands than others, so maybe instead of scoring against different lands, you score more depending on which land you score against?

Ideas are welcome, would people want to see it back?

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  • Root Admin

torch mechanism hold a huge potential, should not be abandoned, so thanks for bringing this up.

I don't think they can be made "fair" however. Maybe they can be balanced with a25 designed tools accessible just in torch (land weapons).


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Having to score at each land before being able to score at another land would be interesting. Score at NC but can't do it again until you get the other two opposing mainlands.


Restricting use of things that directly give more ap (cakes, pickles, blue candy, free credits) so that players get a decent chance to defend would also be nice. Maybe balance it a bit by causing a player to lose all their ap when they go for a torch defence attack. I think tea would be okay though, it also would mean that there's a useful consumable that exists which would cause resources to get drained faster (and we get to use cauldrons which are SO GREAT!)


It would be cool to see fightcauses somehow play a role in a modern torch contest (although with land cleansers already providing a potentially really useful effect in the context of TC means this maybe is already the case.)

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Just now, Muratus del Mur said:

balanced with a25 designed tools accessible just in torch (land weapons).


does that mean ggdeep, path keeper, etc will get to be more acessible?

(dang mur posting right between me loading the page and posting causing this epic doublepost :p)

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Torch contest was so long ago that I was still new and I don't remember it too well, but it was a bit intimidating to participate in from the whole dying mechanic even though you would get resurrected afterwards. I suppose this could conflict with the current death mechanics by giving the dead a free way to resurrect by participating, if that is even possible while dead, or it could be looked at as a free resurrection opportunity for long since dead players perhaps depending on how frequently the contest would be run.

The problem with torch in some sense is the rewards, if I remember correctly they were to be distributed to the winning land and that required some treasuries that we didn't have/still don't. I suggest that the reward for the torch contest would be the winning lands extend their influence into No Man's Land for a short time after each contest, and the point would be to try to reach your land as far towards the GoE as possible with consecutive victories. Basically, when your land wins your land converts a scene in No Man's Land into part of its land. So upon a Necrovion victory the Howling Gates would become part of Necrovion once again, and subsequently (skipping over Established Housing) the GoE would become part of Necrovion, perhaps up until the gates of the other lands, but not within them. The other lands would need to win in order to counteract these conversions emphasizing a true competition for citizens to be able to move more freely into their own lands and others through the gates.

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Perhaps instead of having TC as the kind of battle royale it is right now it could be something one land declares upon another to force the other land to do something. E.g. Loreroot only allows Lorerootians to use axes, so to break the monopoly Golemus could declare a TC on Loreroot. If GG wins the axes will be accessible to all and they can't be locked away again for an X amount of time.

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