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Players and gamblers

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I will release it this Sunday, but I need a collaborator - a neutral party that sees the cards and confirms everything is fair and square. You don't have to do anything. Message me or post here your name if you want to help me.

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Alright, let's see how this will work out.

The rules are such: round 1 - you have 9 cards, 3 holding a bird, 3 holding an insect, 3 a plant. You will have to guess for each card what it holds; each correct guess gives you 1 point, each mistake takes out 1 point (except first round). This is the job of the 'players'. The 'gamblers', on the other hand, will gamble whether a player (their choice) gets it right or wrong, getting 1 point for a correct guess and losing 1 point for a mistake. 

The rewards are 1 anniv for each top player and gambler (and 5 sc for second places),

We need at least 2 and 2 to start the game. Just post here your names if you want to play. The cards look like this:


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Due to… circumstances, we'll have this on forum, if you're willing to participate in this way. Aia and Nepgear would be players and Le Dah and dst - gamblers.

First three cards; players guess for each whether it is bird, plant or bug, gamblers choose one player (can be the same) and gamble on their answer. 1 point for correct guess, -1 for a mistake, first card pardons mistakes:


People can still enter the play, within 8 hrs from now. 

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It's ok, take care of yourself, Nep.  Now, dst and Ledah have to redo their gambles, like this ( I didn't explain the rules well enough?):

You have to choose one player (you can both choose the same, no issues) and gamble on their choices; it should look like this:          (name) 1 - wrong/false 2 - wrong/false 3 - right/true

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Let me post the cards and calculate the scores so far:


Therefore, Aia and dst get full scores (3 pts), while Nep and Ledah get 0 pts (first mistake is pardoned, then you have +1 and -1). Let us give our gamblers more chances to score points (or lose).

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This time, nothing changes for the players, but the gamblers have to gamble on every choice of both players (so it's 8 total for gamblers). For all answers, choose true/false, as you believe it to be.





Oh, and I forgot to say this, but you cannot have 0 points if you want to get a prize. Even if it's just the four of you and we have rewards for four people.

(a quick edit, just to be on the same page: if you say Aia got it wrong and she did get it wrong, you score a point as a gambler; I hope you didn't misunderstand that)


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6 hours ago, Ledah said:

Nep: 1 - true 2 - true 3 - true

(You better be right Nep!)


Man, I was hoping it's a locust/grasshopper or something :D

Anyway. Here are my next tips (from left to right, top to bottom):

Plant, Bug 

Bug, Plant


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