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(I don't know if it's ok to make this topic, but it'll get deleted if it's not)

I can't do much in the clone because there is no 'enable flash' button, so I don't see map and messages (erolin device also not loading)...does anyone know how I can enable flash there? 

So far, I spotted that in the tag menu, the selected tag (orange circle) is slightly out of bounds;  there's a warning:implode(): invalid arguments passed in /home/warventure/public_html/sitegizmo/worldmap.php on line 38 at the login screen; a parse error:syntax error, unexpected '(' in /home/warventure/public/ui/ weaponinventory/load_manu.php on line 1. I also can't seem to be able to turn off the snow/frost background which, although looking cool, make the page loading times longer and I usually turn it off.

I like the animation of the menu, but I have to say I like the 'classic' chain one we have now...maybe it can be used somewhere if it's replaced. 



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At this point i am doing a significant amount of live changes daily. While it would be pointless to dicuss each issue as there are so many and many things change every minute, you could help if you could send me periodic (once a day is enough) screenshots of the things you find wrong.


Since there are not too many that got involved with this, i am trying to adjust the layout so it will look perfect for your resolution, and acceptable for everything else.

The lowest usable resolution is 640px , thats pretty insane, but its a stripped out version.


I intentionately crippled flash, so i will notice it missing and see what things get broken due to it.

As soon as i finish the general layout , i will move on to replace flash elements with equivalent html. 

Sadly...this coding marathon is not for migrating flash content such as scenes and puzzles. For now my aim is just to make the base for a full html MD.

An other very important purpose of this work is to change the interface in such a way that it will be more relevant to how the actual gameplay is. If you have suggestions of what elements to show in better places, tell me.

Please understand that i will not reply as much because i prefer to focus on work. The main communication way i will check will be the in-game chat on warventure.

This marathon continues for about a week more..lets see how much i manage to do in this time 

Thanks for your involvement and help


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  • Root Admin


the left elements are not all ready, erolin device debug panel is the blue red one and its taking much space, the counter/timer is also not ready yet (not functional). The stats and the scene, all flash, are there just so i can migrate them, not to look nice for now.


The white scene is probably the most important thing right now. I will leave flash as white so it will be easy to migrate the images, i am not sure right now..


thanks for the screen, today i will finish some more

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  • Root Admin

yes thats a bug i am trying to fix, the entire panel should be on the entire height of the device, and opens anywhere you tap it, or mouseover. Somehow its not reading the correct height for now, will fix it soon.

For now i am finishing the creature pages, from flash to html, and to fit new layout. Check it out in the next hour :)


thanks for the feedback and the screen


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(Some feedback about the user interface for mobile devices: having dynamic elements which change with screen size isn't ideal for pinching and zooming, which tends to scale them so they block lots of other things and/or the element you are trying to click on won't expand... or sometimes it just crashes and reloads the page.

On a mobile webpage platform this could maybe be alleviated by either removing the dynamic scaling so one could pinch and zoom the elements to be large enough to select with our fingertip, or to use larger elements, although screen real estate on mobile probably makes this difficult. Thanks again!)

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  • Root Admin

@Aia del Mana maybe you can post a screenshot of the issue?

@Mallos item inventory is not done yet, what you see its still the old one. I am thinking to make the items open by detlfault in a large panel.

On mobile i made the sidebar to open fullscreen, and i will probably make it open by default when using the sidebar or clicking something that opens the sidebar.

So far everything went ok, but i am starting to get into details that can waste a lot of time for very little visible effect. 

Profile stats will be displayed differently as well, with this interface i afford doing some wild things i always wanted to see in other games :)

i am thinking for example, to put some stats under the elements that they influence, and not all grouped together in one place. Let me know where you think i could fit a stats bar, for example briskness near erolin and AP and cartography under the viscosity info? 

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