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I was thinking the other day that if quests are to be a constant part of MD, there's a need for a system. I don't know what is the plan for that, so I'm just forwarding my idea for it and hope it doesn't conflict the plan. 

Q. How does one create quests?

A. One completes a form with two fields: one specifying the quest details (and if there is addressed to someone in particular) and one explaining why the quest should be accepted (meant to convince the reviewer). The form is reviewed by a Quest Ranger, who then either declines or accepts the quest. Accepted quests are posted on the Quest Page, which serves only as a bulletin board if the quest is not intended to all.

Q. Does a Quest Ranger have to explain his/her decision?

A. No, although they can send a message with the reason (too many quest points given, not suitable for the role etc). If you created a quest and it was declined without a reason, you can ask a Quest Ranger for the reasons. 

Q. What are the rewards for completing quests?

A. A reward is the ability of developing your role, both as quest-giver and quest-accepter. This is also the right way to justify the quest in the second field. Apart from that, I was thinking of quest points. A quest-giver includes the number of quest points awarded for completing the quest and will also receive half of that number as a quest-giver, when the quest is completed. The quest points are automatically charged into the account. 

Q. What can you do with quest points?

A. Buy unusual rewards. Trade will still happen and 'unofficial quests' rewarding creatures, coins and items, the same. However, quest points will give you the chance to buy something that is not 'normally' obtainable e.g. a mirrorrit cast or one-time access to a location like Champions Challenge or Oak Tower int. or Accursed Growth int. etc (for example, 100 quest points can buy a key, which is a 'move_to_loc', disappearing after use).

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Just a note, there is a quest reward system that was probably never properly used. I think connecting this to ongoing quest can make a difference between "rated" and "unrated" quests, so that anyone can hold whatever quest they like with or without approval, but interesting quests that a reviewer finds worthy, could benefit of this rating mechanism.

The reward to the participant is given by the quest maker, so what we need to discuss remains the reward to the quest organizer. Till now this was achieved by random sponsorship, this can still work, but i agree that a more elegant mechanism is needed.

I am too busy with the new interface right now so i won;t be able to continue the discussion much, this is my only remark so far.

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