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The four elements - description


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I was going through a little book on Leonardo Da Vinci and found an interesting passage written by the man himself; it concerns water:


Of the four elements water is the second least heavy and the second in respect of mobility. It is never at rest until it unites with its maritime element, where, when not disturbed by the winds, it establishes itself and remains with its surface equidistant from the centre of the world. It is the increase and humor of all vital bodies. Without it nothing retains its first form. It unites and augments bodies by its increase. Nothing lighter than itself can penetrate it without violence. It readily raises itself by heat in thin vapor through the air. Cold causes it to freeze. Stagnation makes it foul. That is, heat sets it in movement, cold causes it to freeze, immobility corrupts it. It assumes every odor, color, and flavor, and of itself it has nothing. It percolates through all porous bodies.

I thought it a very good description - with the rhythms of poetry, yet thoroughly scientific; raising questions, adding various concepts, suggesting relationships with other elements.

The four elements are also present in MD and I was thinking maybe the concept should be expanded? Is this ancient Greek system still intriguing or has become boring? How expansive is Leonardo's description? Could we write something as good for all of the elements? (I sure can't, but when you combine thoughts...)

If there is a mild interest in this, we could make a small group and produce a paper.

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