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A stumbling block


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Lately I've been trying to get into fights to get my critters stronger so that a select few can upgrade and the rest can be sacrificed. Heres my dilemma. I've only met 1 person who is at my level (mp4) and sadly he gives me only negative honour. That said I have still attacked cause Many creatures need winds. The problem however is no my honour is negative and now I gain nothing. It should be noted that I was already at a sheathe balance to begin with. That being said I was told that joining an alliance would allow me to attack stronger and hopefully honour gaining opponents. Is this true?

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If you want to join an alliance you will need to find out which land you want to join.

Joining a lands alliance makes you an inhabitant of the land.

Some lands have more than 1 alliance too so inform about what each alliance stands for too.

Us veterans can point you to the right people if you have questions.

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Though joining an alliance is the optimal choice when it comes to universal combat, fighting an MP7 at your stage is your best option for now, as alliances are not formed for that purpose alone. The realm is mostly composed of MP3's and MP5's, perhaps it's time to also make some changes/revisions in the MP concept.

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I seem to recall, in the beginning, that honor was a highly efficient manner of managing how people attacked. However, there is a large disparity in MP level, many, like myself, are trapped on gateway island, waiting for resources to respawn and have been doing so for a fair bit of time. 

Instead of making vast-sweeping changes to game structure, perhaps the prevalence of NPCs that can be attacked could be increased. Therefore, changes to the system could be minutely adapted=such as  how strong or number of NPCs, instead of changing systems that may impact players directly.

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