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Looking for worship


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I used to be the adept of Aethon. But I haven't see him for...almost a decade. 

So I'd like to change my worship.

And after the hibernation, my mails are cleared so that I lost all my track to my previous memory, for the lore, for the triggers.

I'm looking for someone I could contribute to and learn from. 

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1 hour ago, Syrian said:

hey, i havn't died yet y'know   D : 

Ahaha, my apologies Sy, maybe I didn't mean it, or maybe its just a subconscious BURNING HATRED FOR A PICKLE  THIE-

*coughs to the side as he starts heating up new tea*

No of course I'm kidding, I apologise for my horrid memory, you're also an amazing teacher worth considering.

As for the wookies claim to mp6 fame I'm in. I'll temporarily switch my Adepthood from Grido to himself, until further notice or testing reaches public results.

*turns and whispers to Ailith* of course there will be more cowbell... silly question♡

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I’m so honored, to be adept of any of you. I thought there would be a trial or test to be an adept. 
And for me, I’m also considering to join an alliance the same with my mentor. 
My interested alliances are Necrovion and Loreroot. 
Pure dead or pure live. 
But I haven’t explored Necrovion yet to decide. And I don’t know if it’s now a homeless land. 
For the loreroot, I don’t know if Lintara is still reign the land. She made the forest there attractive to me. 

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6 hours ago, Aia del Mana said:

Loreroot and Necrovion, although there are similarities, are quite different lands; what wer't that draws thee toward them?

I cannot tell exactly. Ever since I played games, I always chose such two type of races.

Like birth and death, the furthest two ends of a life but one cannot last without another. They are two forms of existence. 

I have inner darkness as my principles show, and I also believe in the balance of natural order.

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