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A game of co-operation and deception - Registration

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I'm intended to host a small party game for the anniversary, with rule as follows:

  1. Every participant shall be assigned a character card at the beginning of the game. The list of characters in play (+ extras nonexistent ones) will be announced at the start of the game
  2. Every participant is required to make 3 statements: One true, one false, and one that can be either, at the start of the game. Keep all statements relevant to the game. As long as it is, anything is fair game (e.g The above statement is true - would be a valid statement)
  3. While not necessary, it is encouraged that participants are willing to communicate to each other

The goal of the game, is to deduct/guess other's character card. Deception, co-operation, betrayal, etc. is recommended. This is intended to be a mind game, after all :)

The game shall start at the beginning of the anniversary. To ensure a quality game, at least 5 willing participant is required. Due to the nature of the game, once it starts, no new participant may enter.

Please register below.

Characters will be assigned 3 days before the start date via forum PM. If you wish to receive that info via another method, please let me know.

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Communication between players can be in any medium that they wish, publicly or privately, on forum or in-game, or organized via any other platform. Publicly announce a private conversation, or privately share a conversation to co-conspirator, all fair game ;)

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