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I need to sleep to beat the winner.

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I'd like to know o mirrors of the world, who is the strongest of them all.

Anything counts be it murs admin rights or darkraptors ability to mop floors with mur. Just tell why who and why is the strongest of them all.

PS. facts matter

PPS. Rewards from Golemus as always

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Spouse I would say. Your spouse is someone who could reflect you the most. Your habits, your emotion, your humor, your intelligence, your  concept about the whole world. 

you could never defeat him/her, even with your strongest power. Your tactic, wisdom, logic, calculation, physical are all useless. Even you take advantage for one round or two, you would get payback very soon.  But the weird thing is that your softest part might conquer him/she, for a lifetime, bilaterally. 

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WHO: yourself

WHY WHO: because we are the only ones to know what we had, want and would like to have... and know the risks, dangers and renunciations that we need to face up... 

WHY IS THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL: knowing yourself is the most important battle in life and it will never end... because maybe you can give me suggestions to face the obstacles or reach my goals but you will never know what I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it

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WHO: Your lizard brain/brain stem.

WHY:  No matter what your desire is, your innate physiological desires tend to rule the day in terms of what you do. I do not mean strength as in total, absolute control. That kind of control is fragile and has low tensile strength, it does not bend, it breaks. True strength lies in the ability to control almost all of the scenarios that occur, such as almost always your brain stem tells your heart to beat, it beats, it tells you to breath, you breath. It is the master of its system.

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However powerful one might be, time makes no distinction of power in its flow. It encompasses all that have ever been and all that will eventually be, and will outlast anyone/anything who might be considered "strongest of them all".

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Information, stands for many things. Fundamentally, it is one of the indestructible thing in the universe: the position, spin and velocity of fundamental particles. Abstractedly, it empowers those who hold the correct data, let it be knowledge, secrets, or simply whispers. A primal, complex thing that, when abstracted to a multitude of other forms, is part of what fabricate the universe that we know of.

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leave it to MD to answer a question :D


I'll give it till midnight  (04.05.2021 23:59:59)


Reward pool for top three to choose:


81 aged and xp'd remains (trees)

4 Pimps

Barren Soul - 14th Anniversary


3569 Iron Ore

Right to have a wiiya walk

Gold Avatar token

20 token removal gel

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I had issues with expert committee but after consulting with panel of specialists i fired them.

So top three:

lashtal - Ignorance
Aelis - Time
Lazarus - Simulator

Pick your rewards in that order :)


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