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Inconsistent Stats


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Description - What happens when the bug occurs:

Started happening a couple days ago. I'm not massively into the mechanics of combat, but previously using these rits my creatures would regen to full after a fight, even if they died. I remade the rits for this attack, just to make sure it was nothing there. They also have no marks, except the generic ones.

By my maths, every creature of mine should have had 11 regen, but none did, they didn't seem to get any stats at all. The only way I found to add my own stats was to use a minimum of 10% influence, at which things seemed relatively fine.

I attacked Nepgear on 17-05-2021 18:04:05 ST.

I think it may be the goldtear token on one of my shades, although I'm confused as to why it is draining 0 regen from my other creatures, there should be some to drain anyway.

EDIT: Scratch that, happens every time, so doubt it is the goldtear, especially when it is draining nothing anyway.

How to reproduce the bug:
I can reproduce it consistently with 1% slider and just over 7000 regen. Try attacking with 1% and see if your stats are applied.

What you expect to happen:
I expect 1% of 1/6 of my stats to apply to all my crits.

Player name: Ledah
Player ID:   5305
Browser: Firefox 87.0
Operating System: Windows 10
Importance:  I have been mildly inconvenienced and must manually regenerate my creatures occassionally.

EDIT EDIT: Ty for template Chew


no regen fight time.rtf no regen log 1.rtf no regen log 2 marks.rtf no regen log 3 stats.rtf no regen log 4 auras.rtf no regen log 5 tokens.rtf

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found these two relevant announcements. Didn't have time to check any further changes but eh...


You should ask Syrian for some heads if you wanna see how much the heads hurts

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