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Precision Grinding Contest

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Okay all you perpetual grinders, on behalf of the role-players, I am challenging you to show that you're not just a bunch of addicts, hanging onto the handle of a slot machine, but rather highly skilled craftsmen (& -women) that are able to put a facet on a diamond or make Grannie a new pair of reading glasses.  The first person to accomplish this task wins a prize and the title Precision Grinder.  The winner will be the first person to post here a screenshot of their heat scars matching the date of the post, in YYYYMMDD format.  Today that would be 20,210,523 heat scars exactly.  If you overshoot by 5, you just have to wait 5 days to post it, giving your competitors a window of opportunity to show they are better.  The prize, besides making Fyrd eat his words, publicly, will be 1 silver coin, growing by 1 sc per day that the challenge is not met, starting now.  However, if we get to 20 days (June 11), the prize reverts to 1 gold coin max, and I will NOT eat my words, but rather feel vindicated in my prejudices.  Go ahead, prove me wrong!

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2 minutes ago, Demonic God said:


It took a bit of time to get ahold of @Fang Archbane. He helped me set this up. Heh.

I'll be idling at the Wind Sanctuary to avoid combat, as screenshots can be faked, until Fyrd is satisfied that I did indeed get that precise number.

I have checked the DB and can confirm this to be true if this aids Fyrd in verification.

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The log of chat from the Gazebo of Equilibrium dedicated to the above challenge, completion and apology:

Day: 142 Year: 16

[23/05/21 15:35] :Fyrd Argentus throws down his sun god gauntlet. Points to the Mood Panel.
[23/05/21 15:35] :Fyrd Argentus thumbs his nose.
[23/05/21 15:36] :Fyrd Argentus considers mooning, but decides he\'d better not.
[23/05/21 15:36] Ailith: *wakes up and pops her head out of the urn* ooooo
[23/05/21 15:36] Fyrd Argentus:Hi Ailith.
[23/05/21 15:37] Fyrd Argentus:Trying to wake up the grinders.
[23/05/21 15:38] Fyrd Argentus: 
*staggers.* And good morning to you too, DG.
[23/05/21 15:40] :
Fyrd Argentus rubs his head.
[23/05/21 15:41] :Fang Archbane heard Grinding, and also peeks out from behind the Urn with an "oooo"
[23/05/21 15:43] Ailith:Heya Fyrd! *smiles warmly*
[23/05/21 15:44] :Ailith turns and giggles to Fang

~~~~~~~ Fyrd and Ailith discuss the event the day before~~~~~~~

[23/05/21 16:01] Fyrd Argentus:Well, I\'ve heard nothing about my grinding challenge for 10 minutes now. Either the challenge isn\'t that simple, or they\'re ignoring me, as usual.

~~~~~~~ Fyrd and Ailith discuss Fyrd's next event briefly~~~~~~~

[23/05/21 16:13] :Fyrd Argentus fluffs up his winderwild feather pillow and smooths his patchwork blanket.
[23/05/21 16:13] Fyrd Argentus:Catch you later...
[23/05/21 16:13] Ailith: 
*chuckles* Sleep well, Fyrd... See you later!
[23/05/21 16:13] :
Fyrd Argentus gets out his boring book.
[23/05/21 16:13] Fyrd Argentus:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

~~~~~~~ While Fyrd slept, DG went to work~~~~~~~

[23/05/21 19:19] :Fyrd Argentus coughs
[23/05/21 19:19] :Fyrd Argentus looks at DG.
[23/05/21 19:20] Fyrd Argentus:It seems I have an apology to make.
[23/05/21 19:20] Fyrd Argentus:I obviously was wrong, miserable worm that I am.
[23/05/21 19:20] Fyrd Argentus:Grinding is a noble profession
[23/05/21 19:20] Fyrd Argentus:requiring care, precision, and determination.
[23/05/21 19:20] Fyrd Argentus:And above all skill.
[23/05/21 19:21] Fyrd Argentus:Demonic God is truly a craftsman of unparalleled skill.
[23/05/21 19:21] :
Demonic God nods in appreciation
[23/05/21 19:21] :Ailith grins and cheers
[23/05/21 19:22] Fyrd Argentus:Those pursuing self improvement should not have their motives disparaged.
[23/05/21 19:22] Fyrd Argentus:In this, I was wrong.
[23/05/21 19:22] Fyrd Argentus:My humble apologies.
[23/05/21 19:22] Fyrd Argentus:I have delivered the silver coin which is but a token of what is due you for a lifetime of masterful study.
[23/05/21 19:22] Fyrd Argentus:I only hope this apology sets things right between us.
[23/05/21 19:22] :
Demonic God blushes a bit
[23/05/21 19:22] :Fyrd Argentus bows.
[23/05/21 19:23] Fyrd Argentus:And I must say I am truly impressed at your speed.
[23/05/21 19:23] Demonic God:You\'ve aided all us grinders plenty, so there was never any wrong - I am just not one to back down to a challenge with a hint of mathematics and planning!
[23/05/21 19:23] Fyrd Argentus:Thank you Chewett for simplifying the verification process.
[23/05/21 19:23] Fyrd Argentus:I thought you might rise to the challenge, and so brighten your day.
[23/05/21 19:24] Demonic God:it was a fun one, indeed :D
[23/05/21 19:24] :
Ailith truly believes DG can shoot maths from his eyes like lasers
[23/05/21 19:24] Fyrd Argentus: (But somebody else will have to grab AR if they want all this on the record! I\'m not gonna publicize myself eating crow!)
[23/05/21 19:24] Ailith: (
I will :P)
[23/05/21 19:24] :
Demonic God chuckles

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