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Precision Grinding Contest

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Okay all you perpetual grinders, on behalf of the role-players, I am challenging you to show that you're not just a bunch of addicts, hanging onto the handle of a slot machine, but rather highly skilled craftsmen (& -women) that are able to put a facet on a diamond or make Grannie a new pair of reading glasses.  The first person to accomplish this task wins a prize and the title Precision Grinder.  The winner will be the first person to post here a screenshot of their heat scars matching the date of the post, in YYYYMMDD format.  Today that would be 20,210,523 heat scars exactly.  If you overshoot by 5, you just have to wait 5 days to post it, giving your competitors a window of opportunity to show they are better.  The prize, besides making Fyrd eat his words, publicly, will be 1 silver coin, growing by 1 sc per day that the challenge is not met, starting now.  However, if we get to 20 days (June 11), the prize reverts to 1 gold coin max, and I will NOT eat my words, but rather feel vindicated in my prejudices.  Go ahead, prove me wrong!

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2 minutes ago, Demonic God said:


It took a bit of time to get ahold of @Fang Archbane. He helped me set this up. Heh.

I'll be idling at the Wind Sanctuary to avoid combat, as screenshots can be faked, until Fyrd is satisfied that I did indeed get that precise number.

I have checked the DB and can confirm this to be true if this aids Fyrd in verification.

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