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A short discussion of the future


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Opinions/thoughts/ideas are welcome, always read, sometimes actioned.



[20/06/21 01:18] Zetsuei:nah im good. though im curious if the land affinity situation has been put on hold for the time being?
[20/06/21 01:20] Chewett:I am considering what to do next with it, possibly remove all the AP bonuses from movement
[20/06/21 01:20] Chewett:But I am considering it carefully, I imagine we will need to balance out the AP movement around the lands
[20/06/21 01:20] Chewett:What do you think?
[20/06/21 01:21] Zetsuei:wait a minute...removing the ap bonues...
[20/06/21 01:21] Zetsuei:explain a bit...i\'v edozed long so im a bit out of it.
[20/06/21 01:21] Chewett:Land affinity grants an AP reduction for movement
[20/06/21 01:21] Zetsuei:that anything to deal with viscosity or regular thing/
[20/06/21 01:22] Chewett:The amount of AP reduction ends up variying wildly depending on how long you have played MD
[20/06/21 01:22] Chewett:Just a regular thing
[20/06/21 01:22] Chewett:AP cost = Normal cost - affinity + visc
[20/06/21 01:23] Zetsuei:yeah i recall now...but why remove the bonuses then?
[20/06/21 01:23] Chewett:When balancing the lands AP requirements, it makes it super hard to do so due to the range
[20/06/21 01:23] Chewett:What this means is we tend to "over AP" areas to limit older players
[20/06/21 01:23] Chewett:But what that actually does is just penalise new players
[20/06/21 01:24] Chewett:By removing it, or reducing it somewhat, we can more easily control AP requirements and hopefully make it easier for people to wander around
[20/06/21 01:25] Zetsuei:Alright. I get it. You could have areas that require a certian amount of land affinity to cross them. like toll booths.
[20/06/21 01:26] Chewett:Part of improving the lands, might be to add that as an option to the lands
[20/06/21 01:26] Chewett:Imagine one land deciding they wanted no person to go through it?
[20/06/21 01:26] Zetsuei:isnt that necro?
[20/06/21 01:26] Chewett:Necro isn\'t "run" currently, so not really
[20/06/21 01:27] Chewett:Imagine Miq said that no one could enter GG, for example
[20/06/21 01:27] Zetsuei:without a certain amount of land affintiy you mean.
[20/06/21 01:28] Chewett:Well, if he set the land affinity required to be a million *chuckles*
[20/06/21 01:28] Zetsuei:pretty sure that illegal but i see what you mean
[20/06/21 01:28] Chewett:Why would it be illegal?
[20/06/21 01:28] Chewett:Is it not his land?
[20/06/21 01:29] Zetsuei:as a ruler one is indeed allowed to manage his land as he see fit. However one must also do so within REASON. Lest he be ousted by the massess
[20/06/21 01:30] Chewett:Ah well, that again doesn\'t make it illegal, it just makes it tricky for him if the masses did want to object!
[20/06/21 01:30] Zetsuei:"because it is my land" would not be an adequate answer nor a moral one
[20/06/21 01:30] Chewett:One of my projects is to assign one unique resource to each land, what do you think of that?
[20/06/21 01:30] Chewett:That is true, but some make those reasonings
[20/06/21 01:30] Zetsuei:That I am 100% for
[20/06/21 01:31] Chewett:Do you think it should be entirely unique to the citizens, or have some hard way to obtain it without trading?
[20/06/21 01:32] Dracoloth:Would be cool if every land had unique mechanics involved in traversing it when you aren\'t a member of the land, not just stuff that made it hard for the sake of it, but actually interesting mechanics
[20/06/21 01:32] Zetsuei:If Im being my greedy self i say citizens....if im being my moral self....both options at the same tiome
[20/06/21 01:32] Chewett:I think that would be good, what do you think of an example mechanic?
[20/06/21 01:34] Dracoloth:One thing I\'ve thought of in the past would be something like the loreroot guardians, except scattered throughout loreroot and they respawn occasionally, I haven\'t put much thought into other lands
[20/06/21 01:35] Dracoloth:But just generally things that make it feel like the land is kind of pushing against you since you\'re not really supposed to be there, but nothing too hindering
[20/06/21 01:35] Zetsuei:mm...that sounds fun.
[20/06/21 01:35] Zetsuei:though im worried that such ideas may be applied to necro...
[20/06/21 01:36] Dracoloth:I feel like necro already has enough of that xD
[20/06/21 01:36] Dracoloth:I don\'t mean anything as extreme as necro either, just slight hinderences
[20/06/21 01:37] Dracoloth:Would add some cool flavor to each of the lands I think
[20/06/21 01:39] Chewett:I think that sounds interesting, I am also considering adding the heads contest back into the game, monthly or so
[20/06/21 01:41] Zetsuei:How about a mechanic that lets you get resources as well as trade coin/rresources for things
[20/06/21 01:41] Chewett:What do you mean?
[20/06/21 01:42] Zetsuei:well i\'v enoticed that many times.....resources tend to be...down thanks to earlier hunters. and it takes time to restore them
[20/06/21 01:42] Zetsuei:even more so for the times your unfortunate enogh to get a decimal
[20/06/21 01:43] Zetsuei:So let there be a non-land based market of sorts..
[20/06/21 01:43] Zetsuei:for trading.
[20/06/21 01:44] Zetsuei:this would only be resources though
[20/06/21 01:44] Dracoloth:A resource market would be cool, but how would it work with stacks? Would those need to be changed?
[20/06/21 01:45] Zetsuei:nah market should split up stacks for a fee
[20/06/21 01:45] Chewett:Stacks attempt to solve the problem that you don\'t want someone collecting large piles of resources
[20/06/21 01:45] Zetsuei:perhaps some silver
[20/06/21 01:45] Chewett:However if you could resolve that naother way, stack\'s wouldnt be so useful
[20/06/21 01:45] Dracoloth:Yeah
[20/06/21 01:46] Zetsuei:The real tricky part is worth.
[20/06/21 01:47] Zetsuei:you aint trading wiiya for water
[20/06/21 01:47] Zetsuei:or vice verca
[20/06/21 01:50] Chewett:Roughly I want to start the heads contest up again, getting someone to focus on learning and fixing combat, and also adding these new unique resources
[20/06/21 01:50] Chewett:I think all three will be quite interesting

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How about citizens are exempt from viscosity, but increase it when they traverse.  Non-citizens have to pay viscosity, and decrease it when they traverse.  Thus the land must be "defended" to keep other people out, by building up your local viscosity/defense.

"Pass papers" would allow you to temporarily move as a citizen.

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Yes, you should be able to buy/sell resources through Willow's shop.  Shopkeeper could buy parts of stacks.  Price may be set manually to start, some math/ economics whiz could work out pricing for buy/sell (with a house premium) based on rarity crossing his counter.

Might be he only runs you an account, with no credit.  You have to bring him stuff to build up enough in your account to buy stuff.

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Locking some areas behind Land Affinity seems like a really good idea to me instead of the current system, for example LotE is really painful if you dont have the Land Affinity, however, I will ask to not restrict areas already available as the general reaction is negative when you take away stuff.

In my opinion NML citizens or players without homeland should also be able to gain 3 Land Affinity per day as citizens from any land currently can progress 50% faster without any additional effort. Also I believe there should be a reason to grind Land Affinity for everyland including NML.

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