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Toplists change to show only active

Muratus del Mur

Toplist change  

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  1. 1. Should toplists such as most popular and most active days, show only people active in the last 7 days?

    • Yes (do the change)
    • No (keep it as it is now)
    • Other (detail it in post)

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  • Root Admin

I am planning to change top lists such as most popular and other, to include only people active in the last 7 days. Ofc as soon as other login they will take their place back on the list where they should be, but while they are not active they wont show there.

The bad thing i see, is that this might 'promote' less worthy people, due to the low number of active people at times, and make some legendary but inactive people be forgotten faster. 

The good thing is that the lists will make more sense if showing active people and not long gone ghosts of the past.


Opinions, sugestions?


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I have voted against the alteration, although it were not a strong opinion.

I believe such a change will merely serve to accelerate the decline of the realm. I would think that one who were new to the realm may find that such a lack of players appearing on this list would cause them to believe the realm to be inactive.

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Hmm, I thought it had been implemented, since I saw some players often disappear and appear on the veterans list.

I agree about the idea to include only active player on the list, but 7 days are too short, maybe around 30-90 days inactivity? To avoid a significant changes at one time on the list? So the players who come and go will cover each other's holes.

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