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Apparent Homelessness


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A long time ago, a short-tempered creature - a Bull - woke up in the docks of the Gateway Island, met its inhabitants and worked his way out of there by meeting all the necessary challenges. He arrived at No Man's Land after some time and had been wanting to go back to the Island which he identified as home. 

There was no way back, he was not amoosed. He wandered around the strange new world in search of home. Loreroot, he thought, as it has delicious green grass. He spent days eating in the Lorerootian paradise and fertilizing its soils in the process, until he ventured further to the North, and he found the Labyrinth.

He instantly made a spiritual connection to the maze and forges himself a square amulet which is also a perfect topographical map of the Labyrinth, signifying that his heart is close to this part of the realm. The Bull would later proclaim himself as its new Guardian.

One day he returned home via the Split Pass Halt. The entrance is no more. His heart - crushed, his spirits dissipated. The steaks are high for the animal, the Bull finds his situation udderly problematic, and other people can smell the big fat Bull coming in the horizons.


The Labyrinth is no longer accessible from the MDA lands and I'd like to ask why - no announcements, no heads up, no warnings, no asking people's opinions. This was confirmed by other players as well. It affects people's gameplay and in some cases "work" that's being carried out. I'm aware that there is/are ways to enter the Labyrinth but that is not my focus about this issue at the mooment.

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I can confirm the labyrinth is not able to be entered from the MDA side. All I can say is that this reminds me of the many years I have spent in the East waiting for the day I can cross the Gate of the Bored using my land affinity, to reach that day and later have that ability stripped from me by the gate being closed.

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  • Root Admin

The A25 member that modified it did not intentionally do so which is concerning.

The restoration function apparently doesn't work properly and has corrupted it so I will fix it later today as it needs more work than just pressing restore.

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Upon looking at the logs, it appears that I was the A25 member in question who did remove the clicky (without intention to do so).

I have recently been plotting map-coordinates for some of the scenes in realm 3, and had been using a temporary clicky to determine the x-y coordinates.


It appears that the time at which I had deleted the clicky item15 from the Split Pass Halt corresponds similarly with the time I had deleted the temporary clicky item15 from the map-scene; perhaps I had refreshed the portal after movement causing deletion of item15 from the Split Pass Halt.

I have restored the entrance to the Split Pass Halt; I do not believe any further amendments should be made, other than, mayhap, investigation into how I did manage to cause this issue.

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48 minutes ago, Aia del Mana said:

Apologies to all whom I did cause of distress with this mistake; do let me know if I may do aught else in reparation.

Fresh grass for Taurion will do.

Thanks Chew and Aia for fixing the area, Taurion is happy, he feels seen and herd.

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