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My ultimate goal here is to establish a fair-market-derived exchange rate silver vs gold, for my own nefarious and secret purposes.  It used to be 17:1 but the gold notes {say 25:1 no, 15:1.  Sorry, my old eyes tricked me}.  Who knows what is fair now?  I want to find out.

So, for a limited time, I will offer to trade gold for silver, at a rate that will fluctuate depending on interest, until an agreed upon exchange rate is settled upon.

I ask that anyone post a "bid" for what they're willing to exchange here.  Of course feel free to trade directly, but if you do, please let me know the rate of exchange agreed upon.

Accordingly, at this moment, I offer the following bids (one trade, then I change my own bids).  If I hear nothing, I will narrow the offers.:

I will GIVE 17 silver for a gold coin.

I will TAKE 25 silver for a gold coin.

Please post orders, counter-bids, comments, etc.  in this thread.  Cheers!

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Math repair, new bids
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That doesn't actually meet my goal of establishing a market rate, and with less silver I'd be in a worse position to do that.

What else can I do to help you with your need there?  Surely your misdeed can't be that bad if you're posting about them here?

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To my knowledge and from my experiences the 'standard' trade rate has been 15 silver for a gold coin, everyone I have traded with asking for a value has accepted this rate as normal. That is not to say the rate can't change, but perhaps to say that the rate you give listed on the notes is a proclaimed rate that is not reflected in typical commerce.

My idea now is at least to ignore any shop availability of gold/silver as you need to factor in cost of credits vs gold which at some times was considered to be 5 credits to one gold coin, but that rate is likely wildly overvaluing gold at this point at least due to inflation in coinage.

Considering that with consecutive login day bonuses you can get both gold and silver these are somewhat directly tied to eachother in value if you have perfect attendance. A gold coin can be valued worth about 4.2 silver coins although it is more likely that silver coins are put into the market than gold since you need less perfect attendance and time to obtain the silver, so a gold could be worth slightly more than that.

So at least by your offer it could be wise for people to buy silver from you. Also I would like to make an offer to you, that I have 72 silver coins that I would trade for equal value of any silver notes in your possession so you may further continue your trades.

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Thank you much, Mallos.  I was in error, the gold notes say it's 15:1 also.  I will hold off on selling my silver notes, for now, as I only have one of each and may need them as templates.  I have something in the 40's of silver just now. 

In light of this information, I am revising my offers/bids:

I will GIVE 15 silver for a gold.

I will TAKE 15 silver for a gold.

Anybody disagreeing with the 15:1 exchange rate would be well advised to take up my offer (one time only).

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  • Root Admin

The MagicDuel treasury will convert notes to coins at the stated value on the note. Similar to anything that says it is worth exactly X.

We do not set any other trading value nor will trade coins to notes.


Personally I have traded 1 gold for 16 silver in the past, to account for the pain that silver is (Me providing the gold).

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