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Sightings of the Mist...


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Queen Aia, and King Chewett and Miq request members of MagicDuel to keep an eye out for strange pools of mist forming around the realm. These resources appear to be forming after rains of plushies and it is concerning us.

We will be giving 5 plushies to the first person to post here telling us if a new location has gained Strange Mist (A new resource) or if the location's mist has increased! We believe that these mist locations are currently only appearing in Marind Bell, GG, and Loreroot so focus your attention there!

The mist that we first observed seems to have disspated but we have found some more forming in Underway Crosspaths for those that have not seen it.

Remember to note down where it is, and how much mist, so that future reports can be updated if the mist grows!

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25 mist was sighted at the Grassy Roads (1_-5x3_1).

Another 50 at Raven's Peace (1_-3x3_1) and 25 at Stag Crossing (1_-4x0_1).

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2 hours ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

Moto fades and no message about resources appears.  Not even "no resources".

Oh but thats probably a bug report and not related to this at all right?

Sorry I thought you were talking about the mist.

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