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6 New shard abilities

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  • Root Admin

I created some new shard abilities, so that other creature species can benefit from sacrificing crits with shard abilities. I remind you that the "Storage Shard" will not give any sacrificng benefits, it is meant only for shards transfer.


Here are the new abilities, consider them UNTESTED and a startup example for whoever (from A25 team) wants to create more similar.


Beasts: Stomp
Every 3 turns halves the vitality of crippled enemies, leaving them still alive.

Winged: Wings Supremacy
Initiative gets multiplied by the number of winged allies.

Grasan: Horrific Posterior
Once every 2 kills, shows his horrific posterior to the public, shocking everyone. Shocked creatures have no initiative.

Grasan: Reckless Hug
Once every 5 rounds hugs all the unlucky creatures, crippling them for the next 2 fights

Angiens: Judgemental Mirror
On the first kill, forces creatures that sinned to harm themselves with an attack multiplied by the number of enemy sinners in the fight.

Grasan: Toxic Fart (slot 5)
Accumulating a lot of gas over 10 rounds, the Grasan fart will intoxicate random targets with an attack rating increased by the creature age in days. The older the creature is, the more toxic the fart will be. The fart affects only the creature in slot 5, once.



Overpowered shard abilities could be used on specific slots, limiting their overall effect on the battle. Please report bugs and issues, or new ideas 

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  • Root Admin

sadly i can't focus on both creating the tools, creating content, and testing everything, i am counting on you (anyone interested and able), to help with parts of this process, so i can do what i do best, the tools and the general concepts.

The shard abilities are designed to be used in combinations, one ability can set a mark, and other abilities can target that mark in next fights. Also, using slots targeting, i am hoping to see abilities that focus blindly on a slot, and sharge up or destroy whatever is in that slot only, This way you can create very specific rituals and control the outcome of the fight.


I am hoping to see the playing stragy regarding fights, circle around shard abilities, not creature abilities. Crit abilities should be just the base layer of what the shard abilities can control and enhance. Ofc for this we need a lot more abilities, and very well tested and developed functions. Right now is still a bit of chaos, with minimal testing and reckless setups just for showing what they could do. 


Still fun i hope.

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  • Root Admin

The Grasans fart is the first to be assigned to a slot, but its very likely that the other abilities will be assigned to one or a few slots instead of having mass or random effects. I am not sure if the slot name will be in the name or i will add some sort of flag to indicate what slot it is.

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Maybe I need to give more context...

Ignoring the crazy stats snowball effect, in the new player vs veteran the veteran will most of the time go on top in the mirror match (same creatures and tokens) since darkshield is not capped, 4000 defense is better than 300 defense with all the multipliers for example. Adding more features that rely on age will just give another layer of why "your creatures will never be as good as the old ones". 

If artificially increasing age is not wanted, how about capping age effects?

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On the other hand, what is wrong with having creatures that are well over a decade old be a powerful rarity?

Although, things were much better back in the day... it all went downhill when those damn Daimons were released!

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