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Heads contest (trial)

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All that wish to participate please sign up here, I'll be working out a few details based on how many people sign up. Once sign up's are over I will release the details. It will be rather basic at first, but all feed back will be took into consideration for future HC's.

This is currently for MP5 only for the time being.


July 30th will be the dead line for sign up's, thank you all for your participation!

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7 hours ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

May as well be a target for folks.  Sign me up.


10 hours ago, death ray said:

This is currently for MP5 only for the time being.

Aren't you MP6 my good Sir? Not that it would be a problem for you to partake in the HC, just opposing ally members could attck you. Or are you dropping to MP5 temparaly?

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  • Root Admin

FYI I noticed this at GoE:


Death Ray: HC participants head to the fire in LoE
chriselnenepr: Maybe prank?

I do not believe this is a prank but @death ray can you confirm what you want participants to do please.


Edit: actually I'm not sure what scene he means...

Edited by Chewett
No clue which fire he means
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  • Root Admin

Hi all,

Since a few people have contacted me asking whats going on, I will summarize:

  • I am waiting on various decisions from Death Ray about the contest
  • I'm not clear on the location where its starting, or why we need to go there
  • I'm not sure about the rules with respect to where you can go during the contest
  • I do not know when it will start
  • I do not know how long stage 2 will last, or the locations it will be run in

I am hoping DR will clarify this before the contest starts


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