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Ok. I need ALL players that thought of a role(and some of them even played it) to post their names here. Even if you just have it on your personal info page but never played the character please post your name here, your role (if you though if one) and a small 150 char description. Do it and you might be rewarded. Also spread the word. If you have what I required on your list and your name is not mentioned on the forum you miss a chance of a really nice thing.

I need the list quick. I will give you let's say....3 days.

Thank you and hurry up. The sooner the better!

LE: here's an example how it should look (more or less)


Bug Researcher

Master of game mechanics, perfects himself in finding of game exploits and possible bugs.

LLE:Volunteers found. Thank you all for showing so much interest.

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Name: Tarquinus

tags: "Moon-Knight," "Preparer of the Way," or "Hanged Man."

Description: The Champion of the Moon: a thing of evil turned to the path of love. A servitor, a speaker, and a defender of the soft light that shines in darkness.

I have more info on Tarquinus - much, much more - but this is the information requested by dst.

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MRD- Title: Golemnus's Lonely Wanderer or Leader of MR's or Protector of the Mountains

story is as follows : leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred mountains of golemnus

part of golemnus himself he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter and moniter all those that do

will not let anyone hurt the great golemnus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs

rewards or ability wanted: able to enter golemnus un accompanied but with no access to secrets only to protect it

secondly wishes to be able to moniter all those in golemnus

third and final wishes to have an MR alliance to protect the mountains of golemnus and its secrets working along side of Guerilla Golecariums

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Title: The Bat Sage

(Ability to fly and explore lands in Magicduel to gain the knowledge and perception on the land)

The Bat Sage has no home. Everyday it wonders here and there. To the gate of Necrovion and Golemious and the entrance of Loreroot, The Bat Sage finds no liking. Yet behold the path that is reveal after he has unlock the Berserker's device; the path that leads him to Marind Bell's Underground Crosspath. There is source of light there but not too much that the light would drive the darkness away. The darkness that The Bat Sage welcomes for its protection. Within this Undergound Tunnels, he makes it his home. It is a place for him to recount the things he sees at night in the upper world. There at the Underground Tunnels he welcomes everyone and anyone in need of help or knowledge.

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Name: Crymage

Title: "Clock master" or "Clock owner"

Role: Pursuing the creation of the eternal zodiac clock and the meaning of "Time".

I seek information over time and other principles through a deep exploration of all lands and talk with other players, I share my knowledge only with the worth.

Look my profile notes for more informations

Of course, I have time-related principles (Time, Entropy, Syntropy), and also clock-related riddles.

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Preferred tags in order of preference: 1. Adept of the Dao; 2. Seeker of Peace; 3. Silens Ferrum Velox

Description: Agitated by the current events, he seeks a way of trying to stop the war after he stumbles upon a mysterious book in the MD Archives. He sets off to restore the lost balance and gathers people with similar minds along the way.

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Yrthilian TechnoMage

Tags: Techno Mage, Golemus Techno Mage

What i hope to gain as an RPC/PWR is to be able to reat my amulet and use it to gain access to Golemus my home.

I would also like the spells to help defend and heal. I would intend to use thoes spells to help and defend my adepts and thoes that ask for my guidence.


Discription of Yrthilian technoMage

What is a Techno Mage?

Well a Techno Mage is someone who has worked hard to master the making of magic items

combining technology and magic. This is a hard process and take time to creat the desired effect.

Yrthilian is a master of Techno Mages he has a gift that seem to make him understand how items work and gives him a great uderstanding of how magic and technology works.

He works towards a balance as this is a great power in deed. Yrthilian like to act on information from both side of any argumnet and tries to keep things in order. his goal is to get into golemus for himself and his alaince.



Techno Mage

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Logan Marquis

Fittings Roles: Shadow Shifter, Oracle of Shadows, or Silencer of Lies

The Shadow Shifter is one who seeks the power of shifting the planes and frabrics of time and space and much more. He reflects the light, as would a mirror, yet he absorbs the darkened shadows of this realm as he passes. It is his way. It is his call. It is his destiny...


The Oracle of Shadows is one who seeks to learn how to utilize the powers of the Shades to gain wisdom and insight towards his inevitable goal of foreseeing that which comes ahead. There is a belief he holds which pushes him forward in his research to learn to utilize these principles in unison and together for the ultimate goal of becoming the true Oracle of Shadows.


The Silencer of Lies is one who has focused himself upon shielding the younglings who come into the lands of MagicDuel from the lies that have begun to spread across the lands of MagicDuel. Utilizing the wisdom and knowledge of the Shades, the Sentinels, the Archivists, and many others, the Silencer has sworn himself to Silence the Lies to his grave.

Also...desired ability granted: Shadow Shift. Either the ability to jump to a player via shifting into the shadows and back out of them, or the ability to go invisible by shifting into the shadows for a short duration(a single regen counter perhaps). Shadow Shift could eventually be used with more research to transport people to the shifter via the shadows.


Edit: No, I didn't steal it. I had it from day one of my char, lol...

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Logan you stole my Shifter idea!


Name: Innundo

Titile: Shifter

Role: I take the shape of a Wolf or Fox... Always watching and learning from the shadows...

Passing through realms and gathering information, I am the secret keeper of much knowledge.

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Tag: Gardener of MDA Garden; balance between nature and human keeper; and lost life Seeker.

Description: The man, empty soul and warrior with no past has found his destiny! MD land trees waked up with angry in their roots! Human was selfish too long! Now they will show what we have to respect and I am tool in their hands.

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Name: XinHun

Title: Dojo Aprentice or The Seeker of Secrets

Discription: Helper of Calyx of Isis, helping with leaning the way of the dojo while still learning myself.

Discription(2): Searcher of the secret of MD.

Sorry I changed, but I saw that Yami no Sakura had Legend Teller already.

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Playername: GlorDamar

Titles: Avatars Team Leader (Already have that one) and The Architect

Description (from my personal profile page):

"Good architecture should inspire, revolt, elevate, depress... create any response, anything except disinterest."

I see the bones of the world. I see them take shape. I watch them writhe, rise, fall and come together. Through my pen things become real, my ideas populate this place. I carve the environment, shape it. I am here to build, to create and to control. I am the agent of change... The architect.

Should you find you need a place in this world, come to me and I will build your dreams.

*note: This is actually somewhat true. I'm helping to draw scenes and infill areas that are less complete. There is room for things to happen in this game, for new things to develop. Ideas already proposed: A Dojo / Training Ground, A Celestial Simulator, and an Architect's Office :D

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Weapons Specialist

I seek to learn everything I can about the weapons of MD. Because of the nature of this world this items are very special, even the most common or tarnished blade may hide secrets or powers greater than one can imagine. So I make it one of my goals to research said items and make a registry of these weapons for future generations to read and if the moment arises when this weapons may disturb the flow and balance of the world I will hide and if need be destroy them.Another of my roles is to researcher and better understand The 4 Land Defense Weapons, Who built them?, For what reason? and many other unanswered questions .

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Having gained great knowledge about legerdemains, illusions and even real magic, he uses them to create distractions, catching the attention of bystanders to hide behind it. His intentions are not known, so be aware of him, for his skills make him a great thief and a fierce enemy.

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Azrael Dark

Tag/Title: Harvester of Darkness, The Silent Reaper, Watcher of Souls

Description:A guardian of souls, he was betrayed by Disciples of Light and trapped in Necrovion. There, he learned dark magic and freed himself, continuing his work of watching the souls of fallen warriors.

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Tags 1. Magician of White Light, 2. Angienian Envoy, 3. White Lighter

Decription. A young man that by chance has found his roots and ancestery, works as an envoy to help he angiens relize what it is that they will do in the future. Together he works and talks to the angiens and supports them, also a healer, guider, and teleporter.

Powers. Heal VE at the cost of my own, steal VE from wrong doers, teleport spell to main sancturary areas aswell as to angien homeland, silence spell, cast basic spells.

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Player Name: Yami no Sakura

Tag: Legend Teller

Description: The legend teller learns from the events in the game world and writes the game history and official legends based on real facts and happenings with real game characters.


I already exist. :)

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