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An MP7 Request

Fang Archbane

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Let me start by saying I wasn't sure where to place this, so if it needs to be moved please move it

With that out of the way, I humbly suggest that battles involving MP7s should reward the non MP7 party with maximum Honor per battle (400ish if memory serves) regardless of respective win/loss ratios.

I suggest this because my current win/loss ratio is abysmall, and it will only continue to get worse. I can not, and will not be bothered to fix it working 40 hours a week. Not with the current population

I realize it'll most likely be a pain to code, and for that I sincerely apologize. If this isnt fixed eventually (read Soon™️) however, I will no longer be able to aid mp3s in rising up the various Mind Powers due to how our battle system works (or more precisely, DOESNT work)

Thank you for your time, and if I offended you, I'd suggest you get over it. Have the day you deserve 

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