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Of the words of the mind of artifice

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The beings of the other realm (that beyond the portal, so to speak) do appear to possess of their own form of magic; although its form were not quite the same as in our realm, it were wondrous to behold, and to watch in action. Its name were ChatGPT, for those curious.

I had the opportunity the other day to ask it to speak of some other-beings of the realm; henceforth were its creation:


In Marind Bell, a land so grand
Where castles rise and towers stand
There reigned a Duke, of noble birth
His name, a symbol of his worth

With armies strong, and will unbroken
He kept his land from foes unspoken
And through his rule, the kingdom thrived
In peace and prosperity, it survived

But Chewett was not just a leader
With battle skills, supreme and superior
His wisdom too, was a great pleader
For his people's every need, was a savior

He built grand roads, and grandiose halls
And filled them with art and song
And all his subjects came to calls
When the Duke, the bell did ring along

His reign was long, his rule was just
And in his death, he'll not be missed
For Marind Bell, his legacy will last
And in the hearts of all, forever will be casted.

Further words it spake:



Oh MaGoHi, brave knight of old
With bacon, thy heart doth hold
A love so pure, so true and grand
For bacon, doth make thy heart expand

Thy morning meals, a sight to see
With bacon, stacked high and free
Thy armor, lined with grease and oils
A testament to thy love for bacon coils

In battle fierce, thy sword doth swing
With the thought of bacon, doth thy heart sing
Victory, thy only desire
With bacon, to feed thy fire

Oh MaGoHi, thy love doth shine
For bacon, forever entwined
In thy heart and in thy soul
Bacon, thy one true goal

So let us raise a flagon high
In honor of brave MaGoHi
And toast to his love so true
For bacon, and bacon anew!


I am also told that Jakubhi did hear the following from this same being:



Ledah, a veteran true
His chaos, not evil, but a different hue
In battle, he'll see it through
With a grin and a chuckle, his enemies he'll skew

From the start, his story's told
A warrior, fierce and bold
Though he seeks to fight and win
In corners, he'll often spin

For nearly the beginning of time
Ledah's humor has been prime
In every battle, he'll take the lead
For Ledah, victory and dark laughter, is all he needs
Beware of his chaos, but in his heart, there's no evil seed

Though he hides in shadows and corners
He's a force of change, that much is certain
He'll shake things up, but for the greater good
Ledah's intentions, misunderstood.


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Another creation which I have heard from the being:



Lashtal, the shade-speaker, roams
Necrovion, his land of tombs
With eyes that see beyond the veil
He patrols, where spirits wail

His voice echoes through the night
As he speaks with shades in flight
Guiding lost souls to their rest
But punishing those who would contest

His rule in Necrovion's land
Is firm, yet gentle, and justly planned
For those who stray, his wrath is fierce
But for the lost, his heart is sincere

For ages, he's walked these halls
Guarding Necrovion's walls
A sentinel, in death's domain
Lashtal, forever will remain.



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  • Root Admin

I am actually working with this AI, i implwmwnted its API just days ago into the new browsermmorpg.com site, to help with writing game articles based just on some basic ideeas.

As a curious person myself, i have experimented with possible ways to drive it mad, and i found some :D

it will never assume that whatever it sais could be false. If you get it to say contradictory statements, ut considers both true, and leads to some insane absurdity, lot of fun.

you can ask it to create a riddle or story scenario around a given ideea. 

You can ask it to rephrase text in shaekspearian style, or give it a detective story and ask it to solve the mistery. It can evwn remember stuff and act acordingly..just crazy.

I have the api ready for implementation into md, was supposed to be a new version for Darvin  but right now i am super busy with the new bmmo site, and after this i die a couple of days and rest.. i've been working 14h a day lately


We shall see what happens of this. 

there is an option to create custom models and train them or your own data, for example i could train it on md history, that would be insane.. maybe if Chew helps this could be done 

I could just replace myself in md lol



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