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Why do you protect Bob


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Here is what has already been said on the matter, I've already stated i was going to transfer everything so if anyone wants their words removed tell me ASAP

Tree lead me to meet Z and more people and for that i protect tree

i protect bob because i want to protect life itself or..where it came from :D
nature!! and bob is the ultimate sign of that !!
but that's not my main reason ^_^
Bob is a friend and he listens to all that i say
He leads me to the right way
He protects me from the eyes of society
With his divine grace and piety

So now i'm on a quest to save his soul as he saved mine ^_^
he was there when i needed him so i need to be there when he needs me ^_^
to pay him back for all the things that he did ^_^

I remember what it's like to feel lonely,
I like protect those who need it,
Bob makes me laugh,
Bob attracts people I want to be friends with,
His presence calms me,

and also....

Whenever I am sad, angry etc I always seem to end up going to sit by Bob and it makes me feel better!

He is a Prince among trees!

Black mailed into it...

[b]Aurora Borealis:[/b]
Bob is a constant, he is always there ... for a wandering soul, a constant is like coming home ... Homes need to be protected.

[b]Prince Lewas:[/b]
In my eye, Bob symbolizes the nature itself... The nature is the source of life and life must be protected. Without any reasonable reason, justifiable vengefulness and anything else nobody should require the death of an innocent one. Since Bob does harm to nobody.
Anyway, the company of Bob is superb and odd. He always listens to me, cheers me up and radiates calmness what everybody needs - so do I, one of the archivists...
I gladly help to protect him as I can... just name the ones who bear malice to you, Bob
By the way, Bob, I wish you a long rainfall and a very nice day!!!

To promote "Planet Green" campaign on MD World!

In all things of nature, infinity lies
Life breathing deep within it's heart
Never an absence of light, out there---

Here come we, the thinking ones
Bringing definition to the meaningless
As we mark and label all that we see.

Without us Bob is a tree, without a name,
One amongst many, altho alone is he
Silent standing sentinel of loneliness

Within our heart, within our mind,
We have the desire to grow, and share
The love and laughter along our way.

Fate's left hand is black as night,
And marks poor souls with terrible plight
As loss and misfortune fill their path

Upon burdened shoulders pain is heaped
Full of woe and misery and sadness
'Till nothing is left of their light---

Twisted now, screaming now, raging now,
They stalk thru the land with a sole goal
To infect the world with their hate.

With their flaming and embittered eyes
They stare at Bob with dark intent
And gleefully plan his utter demise

But we, full of the beauty of the world,
Stand righteous in front of the Tree
To protect his life, and all that he stands for.

A tough question to ask. I never intended to protect Bob or even cared. Z was a smart man to talk to and I enjoyed having long conversations and talkin philosophy with him. As Z became a close friend, I noticed Bob more and more. Now I protect Bob not only as Z's friend but also as his.

I can't explain why I do what I do for Tree... or even why I address him as I do... but.. take a walk with me sometime, see Tree through my eyes... maybe you'll understand....

He is the root of all even this world. He is giving me a place called home and a point to find inner freedom and meditation. His guardian is my friend, so shall he.

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][size="3"][/size][color="#556B2F"][/color]
I wanted to protect Bob because I wanted to,.....
Bob was the first one to show me what love is,.,,, :)
Bob has been in pain for so long and ([i]damn those creatures hurting Him[/i])
I hope I can be of help in easing that pain,... We are what we call norms in performing such disaster and Bob is Natyre itself.......
[quote]Heart has a reason that even reason itself cannot understand [/quote] :D

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My deep affinity for trees began before entering this realm, when I was a Druid - one with the knowledge of the oak. That was before falling down deep into what some may call a rabbit hole... Down, down, down.

When I first came into this realm I happened upon Bob, and have since grown to love the tangled stories threaded throughout his past and present.
I have my truths and my legends about Bob, which could explain why I became his defender. But I am not alone here. Everyone else who has been touched by him too have their own tales - they are all interconnected.

I defend him because I love him (and he's really cute - especially in bloom - but that's besides the point), as I love the courage that trees have taught me to carry. He has taught me the meaning of reciprocity. We live in community - Bob's defenders must never forget that.

Furthermore, this is all not to mention how the fate of everyone in this realm is inextricably entwined, somehow, to the fate of this Tree.

Phantom Orchid
Priestess & Knight of the Full Moon - CoE

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I protect bob because it's funny.

What? Expecting something else?

I protect bob because I helped name bob... seriously, what kind of a name is Steve?
I protect bob because the people who made it bloom were nice enough to show it to me once.
That would be the earliest blooms, such as those from Speaker for the Dead.
Z is still kind of a newbie :)

Oh yeah, I said it.

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I'm not protecting bob, but ... I would get really upset if one would destroy it.

Let me explain: Bob is my friend; he promissed to save for me all the weeds and dried branches that he no longer needs for my weekly bbq.
Also I promised him that I would bring him news from far away lands (like Lore).

So, you see, you don't have to really protect him , all you need is to be ... friend to him :P

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I am not the gouard of Bob... obviously... To be honest, it was today that I learned, that Bob has guardians... but I do like Bob. I feel that there is special connection between us as I get a feeling that Bob understands me without judgement and I can hear the whispers from him.
I ususaly always stop by Bob when I am on my way to feed my fried mouse, living down by the mill. I know that Bob wants to feel the gentle sprinkle of rain and I wish to him that soon the wish he has would come true and I usualy casses his bark in hope that some warmth would pass to him...
Anyhow, I like Bob...

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the Path of Loneliness is a lonely place to be & so i don't frequent it. in those times that im there, i don't see anyone showing aggression to the one they call "Bob." (you can tell im not yet acquainted with bob…. i wonder if it fancies being given a name….). but trees are trees & i opt to defend them -- one or many, sapling or aged.
it is my belief that those who do are deeply rooted in the ancient ways of co-nurturing -- the symbiotic relationship between man & nature, that is, 'you take care of me, i take care of you.' in other words, if you really care about yourself, you SHOULD care about nature. i think those who don't, only deny their own sensitivities to that concept and can therefore be tagged as cowards.

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[color="#0000FF"][size="2"][b][font="Palatino Linotype"]I see the beauty in nature, I see the cruelty in nature, I see power and I am filled with awe, morality is fragile, life is not promised. In every living thing there is a desire to live, this struggle is something we all know. [color="#008000"][b]Bob[/b][/color] is alive. Just as I would hope help would be there when I need it, I covet and protect this tree. [/font][/b][/size][/color]

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[color="#2E8B57"][i]Because Bob is the ideal man:

[/i][/color][list=1][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He stays when you tell him to. [/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He doesn't complain if you walk by with another man[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He doesn't talk back in a hurry.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He listens.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]You can hug him as much as you want. [/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He doesn't expect to be fed and clothed.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He doesn't hog the remote control.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]He doesn't leave the toilet seat up.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]You can put your cold feet on him and he wont complain.[/i][/color][*][color="#2E8B57"][i]You don't have to worry about the in-laws coming over.[/i][/color][/list][color="#2E8B57"][b][i]AND he agrees that pink brings out the best in Zleiph :P[/i][/b][/color]

(Please note that the use of pink anything on Z is done at your own risk, I am not claiming any responsibilty if the goat decides to inflict grievous bodily harm in return)

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