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I proposed this to Akasha, cause she wanted to continue the work on calendar, but I got no reply, so I want to ask community what they think of this and will there be any voluenters (except me :))

I would love to see that the calendar has dates of MD former events, anniversaries if you want, for example: that day and month - creation of Necrovion Sentinels, Crowning of King Lifeline, peace-treaty of whatever... Festival anniversary... anything really

so the goal is to have MD calendar full of MD events, not of RL mythology, cause what makes Greek mythology more important to realm of MD then, I don't know, Slavic? So calendar is a great thing but I don't like it showing events from Egyptian, Greek, Roman culture, I want use to make it MD-like

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The Main problem is that things change much quicker than a year, personally i dont think that all the kings will last a whole year, let alone two. People leave, festivals happen, things change

Some events are to be remembered, But in 3 years time, will we still be celebrating when lifeline came to power? or will 5 other kings have taken his place?

Any events covered in the calender will have to be "MD" worthy. As in they will be remember for years after they happened because of the significance. Do we celebrate every year when *insert prime minister/president/king* came to power?

I would love to see things in the calender, but what should go in it would more likely be the question

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you're missing the point, we shouldn't celebrate every event, simply to keep track of the events in history :)

don't know have you ever saw those TV shows like, all those events that happened on same day in different years...: 5. march bla bla year = someone killed bla bla, 5. march bla bla year -25 = Athens was founded (non-accurate silly example)

edit: and it would be very interesting to keep track on the calendar :) (and that 1$ to see the whole month would be worthy of it)
I find no joy in seeing what Egyptians celebrated on this day... It doesn't have anything to do with us in MD

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forming of alliances, first kings of the realm, major events and peace treaties, battles (hard to define those...)

and we could store small events like those festivals, for people to click "see more details about this specific day" or similar. It would be nice to store all that somewhere.

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I woudl like to see MD-related dates in the calendar. Even if a land changes 10 kings in the next week, why not remmeber them?
A simple noting of the event could be placed in the calendar, while full-length description would be located elsewhere, MD-archives, forum, clickables etc.

Not every event needs to be noted, as Chewett said the problem lies in which events are to be selected. I think a public vote, or paying a wishpoint to add to the calendar would be suitable.

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i like the idea of this, but it would depend on what people want to get added

first kings in the realm would be alright, but naming them, or going on to say every time a new king is elected would clutter the calender

Realms opening for the first time would be a nice addition, or things like "Broken Pattern Gazeebo became active today" or something

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RJ brought up a good point, what about our birthdays? Yeah sure, maybe not everyone that signs up should get a birthday if they leave within a week, but once you've been around for a year by AD count, then it can be added to the calendar. Almost as an achievement/congratulations for it.

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I think everyone should have for himself a note on the calendar of their own account's birthday, but nobody else's. And double bonus for the day. :)

Minor MD events have the changelog for that. No need to put them in the calendar.

A few major things that don't change, like the anniversary of MD itself, need to be remembered, IMHO. Otherwise, the calendar's good as it is (just needs finishing).

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to be more specific, what I meant was not to post events like "dismissal of the RPCs" or any system feature, but something showing political state of the players in the realm, creation of organizations/guilds/alliances, wars, peaces, (ok, I'm repeating myself)

it would be perfect to "dig up" information about realm's history, where else will you find it? reading every forum post, MD archive article and yet still having to speak with other people?
like Rendril said, Master Core information would be stored also in a clickable...
to decide what goes into the realm, well, you should have objective people on it, to post every event that had great consequences, and to ask community (public vote) for posting others...
it can be worked out easily, we just all need to agree first to start this

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