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I have heard people talk about the population decrease in MD. I do not think that it is a problem of people joining MD but a matter of people leaving MD. I wish to discus why you all think people are leaving MD, how to make some changes in MD to keep people around, and perhaps talk about what made MD something that you liked in the beginning.

I know that some people may be leaving because of rl issues and I have a few issues of my own that makes it where I am not able to play MD as much as I would want. I wish to know what about MD makes it where they do not wish to play or want to leave.

I do not like the direction that MD is going and I wish to try and change that through my characters.

(Please do not just put down what is wrong but possible solutions or ideas on how to change things)

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  • Root Admin

All your points are very interesting to hear and come just when i was analyzing the same matter.

Story is a driving force of MD, but who to do it? I don't want to offend anyone or ignore your efforts, but to put it like that, even Ady went derailed with stories when not kept within lines. Story went great when i took care of it. The moment i left it in your (player) hands it started to become exagerated and faded, as each is targeting its own interests, and its normal.

I have more than one role to perform, it is the programming part, to build the tools so to say, it is the management part, to keep things going, even if slow, it is the content/story part that gives md direction. I rarely can do them all, and in recent period i dont think i can do any at all anymore.

MD is now formed by veterans. This is something i appreciate a lot and its only them that keep it alive. Of course this scares off new players, but without the veterans to scare them off, MD would be justfull of scared noobs.

Its been several month since i last focused entirely on MD. No its not because i was busy..i am always busy, thats not something to stop me. Its because i feel a burden, and that cuts off my creativity and most important it cuts my will to get things moving. I am a terrible worker, i do briliant when i am motivated and i do crap when i lose my motivation. I was like that always and i can't and don't want to change.

Realising that i spend hours thinking what to do in md and not doing anything, i started to focus on other things to shift the stress of "having to do" something, away.

I keep saying this in all forms and with all occasions i speak about this ... if i am not motivated i can not work. My motivation is MD are you the people playing it, to see it grow and also the tehnological treats i do from time to time to see if "i can do it". ..like the translation potions and such.

I fear i am trapped myself in this downfall of MD, your lose in interest amplifies my ignorance to the matter and in turn makes MD stagnate and drives more people away.

Have you at least noticed since when i stoped updating the newslog with relevant information?
I have my batteries too, and if they get burned i have two options ..to push harder and risk destroying them or to backoff and retry when they are recharged.

My life goes to big changes, i believe i finaly succeded to work only on my projects and not lose valuable time with shithead clients... but at what cost.. Recession hit us all and without money i risk to see all things i love, such as MD, fall apart around me.

You might think at this point that this is about MD and not about ME ... well as arogant as it sounds i must say that these two things are tighlty connected.

I want to get things going, i badly do. I plan "Muratus del Mur" to retire and actualy start to play. You have no ideea what quests i have for you. The veterans that know me from back long ago will be able to imagine a bit of what i can do now. MD world is much more ripe and a lot of features allow me now to do things that before could not be achieved.

My plans to achieve that spread over a few month, like half a year. During this time i plan to establish a way of getting a constant flow of traffic to md, without depending on advertising money. At the same time i hope that in a few month to finaly trust someone to handle MD programming matters in my place. That will be the milestone in MD development. So far one guy tried but failed.

I have so many ideas on MD, i always had and I always will...but i have only that much energy to give away. To be able to give more i need to receive more, and to receive i need to be happy with my achievements and enjoy the work i do , not just feel "I must do it".

When i chat with someone in MD, it takes about 10minutes before someone starts asking stuff or puts questions or so.


There are so many things to say about this, so i will stop. What i want you to know is that MD means its players and regardless how long it will take untill i find the will to get back in action and resuscitate MD, i will do it, but if you think that you wait for that , you will be dissapointed. When it will happen it will happen.....can be a day, can be 100...
I will only be efficient when my initiative in a matter still has a word to say, not when i am pushed by events to do something. So one day when i will feel to shake MD world with something new, i will sit on my chair, open md, and enjoy my every moment of it...then i guarantee you that you will enjoy it even more. it might be that by that time will be empty, full of tired veterans that are bored by anything else md will have to offer, or full of confused noobs upset things change...it might be md will be no longer because hosting shut it down, lol...

I wish to think about you as friends, please don't think about me as a service provider because i am not.

Enough said..
here is the thing that i started yesterday, trying to find my excitement about new and inovative projects once more:


Its watching you right now O.o

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I mainly think that Mur is doing to much on his own, and we ALL see things that should be done. that way we all fix our eyes on things to be changed, or to be perfected and build up stress for mur, exspecially depressing when the poor guy doesen't have any motivation left or whatsoever, making it viscious.

I have not been online for certain reasons, a few so called are my girlfriend, other games, and the household(which I never tought would be so much work!)
I also have the feeling that everything to be explored left in md has already be done, And it sometimes takes AAAGES for creatures to evolve, I mean, more than a year for an Angien, that measn you're blind staring at the same pictures for decennia without having any changes, or anything to do. This however should not change to rapidly, (would not be fare n'either). Or, as most people will agree, the tokens. They where a great idea, and probably still are but disbalance the game in such a way that it is almost impossible to compete with tokened veterans.

I would love to, and would most willing to to help with creating, (due I am not much of a programmer) but there should be smaller projects, like creating a few creatures, creating storylines for lands, start a new sort of game like we now have the landtorch competition. That way mur can still decide what will be in, and what will be out, but other people will be involved deeper, making the game more interesting again. But also taking out a lot of work from murs hand, releasing him from to much pressure, and let us do the creative parts, that way new ideas will flood in and perhaps, with a slight change, mur will even get new ideas for himself.

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Just my opinion/rant here.

To Mur:
Well, I really won't say much to you. I told you all that was in my mind about you and MD when I was in Romania. I hope you still remember it and most of all remember that MD is not just another 'project'. It is a world that you created for so many of us. Those who passed, those who stayed and those that will come. Some have faith in you, others do not. Forget those who don't, they are the ones losing for not understanding that this world is being developed by the day, week or month even but it does so and they still do not have the patience to see what can happen. I will never consider this place to be 'just another game'. But I will blame you for something. I will blame you for choosing to be alone and not sharing the burden with others. I understand how hard it is to find someone you trust but there are some in this community, so loyal and dedicated and with the ability to aid you, but you decide to shut the door at them and work on everything alone. Nothing can go as you plan it, some things will turn into success, others into failure. But this is how life is. It has its ups and downs. Learn from it. It won't be the first time MD teaches you something.

General opinion/rant:
I have been in MD for approximately 1 year and 4 months. There are others who have been here for twice the time I have. Why do they stay? Curiosity? Boredom? Routine? Go ask them, each will give you an answer that will probably match the rest you ask. I personally stay because of all the wonderful people I have met, because of the memories I share with them within MD, because I can wait for things to happen, because I can stay at my place perfectly happy with what I got accomplised/rewarded/given/earned so far and simply do not ask for more but am curious to see what future will come to this world.

I do understand that pretty much everything now has to go through Mur's hand to be implamented in MD. Call it code, story, creatures, items and so many other things that if I start to list it will take me forever to finish this post. I also do understand that most of us here believe that since all those things are on hold nothing can be done at all. But I still believe that us, the players, have the power to make changes around here, to create storylines, to have things running in MD. We are responsible for when a new player comes along to guide him properly and show him the magic we all once experienced (I still do at some points) when we began here. We are the ones who create the stories, like the ones we used to read in the Adventure log. We are the ones who need to see what is hidden behind the obvious. We are the future of MD.

A long time ago Liberty made a thread complaining about what has happened to MD, just like the one I am reading here. So many things have been forgotten, now all that matters is who can be stronger than the other or which tokens to use or who should I pick today and have a fight with. And then you all wonder what happened to MD?

I am but one person that may not have the power to change things but has the will to do so. Without Mur though, with all of you instead. But tell me... is there anyone who is willing to restore MD into its old glory with me? Does anybody misses the old days so much to put all his/her efforts to have this happening? If no, then I guess I am alone and just like Mur... without motivation or support, I can not work.

More creatures? We already have too many out that most have still never used or even seen before. More storylines for lands? Create one using facts that are already told (although here lies again the issue of ancient lore or not. With the ancient lore being forbidden to be used, most can't even do a basic research on things). Another competition? Let the Torches be fully done, then ask for another competition.

P.S. If you do want to rant and blame all that happens in MD to Mur, do so. I can not stop you. Of course if you do as such you will be the one who opens Mur's eyes and make him see what he needs to do or whatever. But putting all the blame into one man and his 42 fingers is more than harsh for me. You will point out all the troubles but you will just add one more burden on him. But... that just me. End of rant for now because I feel I am repeating myself. Meh...

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I think MD is special, but not so much because it would be different from other games, but because of all the effort and thought and time put in, by Mur and by others. In any case, MD is more than just a game, it is a tiny diamond sparkling amist the sand.Maybe in time, if nothing is changed/new it might loose its spark, but it will still be a diamond.
So Mur, recharge your batteries, find your inspiration, enjoy what you have done till this time, you certanly are entitled to it. Those who appreciate MD, love and/or understand it, will stay; others who find it just another game on the market will probably leave. But do listen to DarkPriestess, because she is right, nobody can do everything alone.
And DarkPriestess, I was not here in the so-called "old days", but if there is anything I can help with, you know where to find me.

Anyhow,thats all that I wanted to say... for now. Thank you.

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I am sorry Mur, I was not intending to add to your stress. I was trying to get others to see what was happening in MD and try to get them to take action within the game and not pressure you into making more things happen in MD. I think it falls to us to keep plots and story lines running with in MD that will catch the interest of newbies and vets.

I am currently working on a quest that I will hope catch the interest of some people and it will take time for me to get it running. I also have a few other things that I am working on to try and help get people interested.

I play MD for many reasons the fighting, the secrets, the quests, and most of all the roleplaying. I have created many characters to try and experience MD in many ways. Two of my characters I like a lot and they are completely different, Assira and Legna. So Peace I am more than willing to stand with you to help and restore MD, I will help in what ever way I can.

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Alot of what I have to say Peace has said as well. While Phantasm isn't my original character, he is my main and the one where i really grew and found my nitch in MD. I have been playing him for a year now, only 4 months newer then Peace. I saw the great days of Ravenoid, BigC, Khalazdad, and on and on and on. I have played many a games online for a span of around 20 years, and the thing I loved most about this game was the RP. It has been a LONG time since any game incorporated RP as effectively as this game. The fact that Mur is a living breathing human that contributes to progression instead of a corporation or company is what separates it from many.

I'm not even a big fan of browser games. I always considered them "kids" games and better left to those who couldn't play real games like Everquest, Vanguard, Warhammer, and so on. This is game is an exception to the rule. It has not only lasted a long time, but been held together by the player base, not a corporation base. It is for that reason that I feel it will continue to thrive, and I will continue to play the game. I enjoy the game immensely still, and plan to for a long time. The friends that I have found here and the enjoyment that I have participated in can not be measured. As all the great games it has put a permanent place in my mind with many a fond memories. As all games, they have their ups and downs. This happens to be a down time, as there have been down times in MD in the past. Not as bad as this one but still the same.

I think as Burns stated, when Mur moved out of the game itself and started working on the mechanics and the coding more, many people fell off the wagon because they thought they fell into another game that was controlled by a computer instead of by a human being. As Mur has stated, he got burnt, as we all do from time to time, and hopefully we will see a renewal in the progression and action that we so enjoy. People will come back, of that you can be sure. Just because they have left doesn't mean they are gone for good. They keep tabs through friends in YIM, through the forum, and other ways to be sure whats happening. While we have lost some of the greats for good, there are bound to be new greats.

The key behind it all is to hold together as a community, remember why we came to this game, and ride the tough times out to see the good times. Like a marriage (yes ive been married a LONG time) you learn to live with the bad and love the good. I know alot of you are younger then I am, and many probably don't see or understand it. You will though, and hopefully it will not only keep you in the virtual world, but make you better in the real world.

"Sometimes it is only through Imagination we learn our own Greatness" Quoted by A Wise Man

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Unfortunately, I see the same thing happening to this game that happened to another beloved game. Thekingofspades.com

The owner/coder/manager/gm/everything else is finally running low on energy. Krome, the owner of TKOS, ran TKOS by himself for over five years. And now? The game sits online, and has one or two people log in every now and then. He has this plan for a .Net transfer. Basically recoding the entire game in a different language. Why? I don't know, but I believe he is just bidding his time until the game finally dies off, or when his batteries are recharged.

Mur, I have this to say to you. Play MD. Get to know the characters, but as a new character. Mur will always be there for you to play with. But start your very own MD Character, and play as we play. Create your very own RP, solve quests, earn WPs to buy Spells from the WS. Enjoy your creation.

MD, we are at the point now that players will leave. And leave they shall. It's going to happen. No one plays a game forever. We move on. It's a cycle. A seed falls on the ground, germinates, and a flower is born to be eaten by a cow that we kill, and roast in our oven. Only to be turned into nutrients.

We can't continue MD like we are. It will die. Trust me. I've seen it in TKOS. Malignants became WAY to overpowered and killed anyone they didn't like over and over until their stats were back to 0. Which takes weeks of training to max. :( People like myself were playing the game since it first came out, and thus could kill them with ease, but that didn;t solve anything. It only continued a vicious cycle.

We need to stop biting at each other throats for personal reasons. You are bored, we get it. Don't cause others pain for your pleasure. It's sickening. You feel you don't like something about a player? Don't attack them about it. Talk to the person, and reason with them. If they can't reason, ignore them. There is nothing they can do IG to you that will cause lasting damage.

Be good to each other. MD needs it.

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I'm sorry Mur but there is something that I have to say in regards to story. If the people in MD can make a difference then that has to be reflected. I completely accept that you have a vision of MD and a grand storyline, but there has also got to be scope for people to move and possibly even change things within it. Otherwise there is no consequence or importance to the actions of people. But even aside from any grand scheme, there are the day to day happenings in MD and story lines that have nothing to do with any grand scheme really, but yet, are part of the MD world and its people.
The AL does not seem to reflect this at all. Its my personal feeling that many people are of the opinion that their ideas and actions don't count for anything. That will only lead to people having the opinion that there is no point in even trying to start anything going. Therefore you have stagnation and stagnation leads to death.
I consider the AL to be the pulse of MD. Its a representation and information on what is happening in MD. Currently it looks like MD has not had a pulse since last September.
Overall there is the impression that there is nothing happening and nothing at stake (at least if you go by the lack of AL activity).

As one person, you can't know what is going on all the time, especially when you are not playing in MD itself much at times. The only thing that I can think of is this:

Appoint a team of people (it should probably be the archivists, but they don't seem to be up to much (sorry guys, but you just don't seem to be doing anything. If you are, its a well kept secret) ) and have them report on what is going on. However, you could retain control on the actual updates of the AL. That way you can have a flow of material, which you can quickly vet and then put onto the AL (or not).

Also, you have to remember that we don't know what your plans/visions are for MD, so we won't and can't always play along or behave as you expect. We are people, with our own motivations and desires and all the mayhem and oddities that come with. Perhaps its just me, but sometimes I get the impression that you are annoyed because people don't behave or think of things as you believe they should. Yet, at the same time, you tend to be very ambiguous or completely non-committal when it comes to discussing or telling people what you expect.

I mean this with the greatest respect.

Your not just the game creator, but you are the game manager and every manager needs to direct and delegate. You cannot do everything yourself.
To use a very simple analogy, you are the manager of MD FC. You've had a few bad signings, but now you seem unwilling to sign a few new players and MD FC is starting to struggle in the league. Player morale is low and match attendance is flagging.

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I love this game and i find that more and more people are loving this game
The fact is this is not a game this is a nother live and a addiction :D atleast for me.
I would love to help Peace *smiles* in any way i can

just a idea of mine to help if i offend someone whit it not my intention :
I know iam not long here but i do know that even the rpc are no longer it does not mean that a lot of people dont have a rpc role
they are important to others and they are true to this world so if we make meetings whit those people and set out new storylines and
mayby other ideas we will take ( i hope) a burden of Murr and stil give this world some fire back (not that it has lost its fire noway but some more fire :) )

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[quote name='Assira the Black' date='17 February 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1266361743' post='54612']
I am currently working on a quest that I will hope catch the interest of some people and it will take time for me to get it running. I also have a few other things that I am working on to try and help get people interested.
You're hitting some important marks there. Making quests can take a lot of time and there is absolutely no guarantee that people will play them.
In all quests and contests I made, there is only one that has more than twenty participants and that's mainly because it has been running for nine months. (also, Shadowseeker certainly didn't win in terms of speed for starting the quest :D) No it isn't constantly kept in the quest list, but it seems to me that is rather pointless since in the weeks it was there, there was no notable increase in players.

All things considered, making quests is stil quite fun. And while people leave, they don't necessarily stay away forever. eg. Yesterday I found out one of the torture contest winners returned and finally claimed his prize creature. After pm'ing a little about the reward, I got this quote (which I assume he doesn't mind me putting here) 'illl never sell him hes my little treasure :)' It's little things like that that make it worthwile to make quests.

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Well here i come to jump on the band waggon :)

Ok we can all moan and complain and what not. I know i complain a lot when i am off line
to thoes i have a close bond with. As of late even i have been finding it hard to keep

There is much i want to say here but if i know me i will rant on about something and
forget why i was going to say on the many diffrent topics that are within this topic.

So what are the main issues. (note this is from my own opinion)

1. Lack of AL or AL related events.
2. Lack of basic history (note i said basic not old history)
3. Beeing unable to find people with information on things within the realm (i refer to facts not assumptions)
4. RP were has it gone? (yes there are people that still RP and not stat Grind but no one knows were or who it is most of the time)
5. Alainces dying out?

Now i do have suggestions to the mentiond issues above. BUT it is up to both us as the comunity and Mur to implment this.

1. The Al is one of the main back bones to MD and the prople within it. But we all know that things happen and the AL goes on hold.
This is the first time i have seen it on hold for this long. Now i dont know how it is going to be recativated as some of the people
within the AL have left but again that is something Mur and thoes involved wqill need to work out.

My suggestion here is and this tie's in with the archives i suppose as it is suppose to be there JOB to do this. Why not creat a PAL to work
along side the AL. PAL = Public AL or Player AL. This IF the archive allaince works well can create the RP content and bring back some of
RP and excitment MD once had. If Mur was willing to allow or create such as the PAL that is. (i am not a programmer but i would think thismight
be easy enough to implement)

2. Basic history. Again this is down to allaince/historains/comunity, wqorking together on this. We have our papers and what not. But people also
like to see history from other people point of view. Sorry but this again fall to the archives. I know some players started doing this based on
old players that made a big impact in MD. But they are gone. we need current history based on players withing the realm that are still about.

This can be resolved used quest to get people to write about a subject matter or about players withing the realm. This will in its self start to
create the history and to have the archives logg this up within the archives. I know i tried to get this done before and yes i know it is hard to
get players to part take but it would be good to see this beeing done properly. This with the PAL suggestion i think could fill MD will history
and show how players have influenced the realm. this is also another way for Mur to see what RP is beeing done rather than hopeing he see you
RP'ing by chance

3. Back in the old days (feels weird to say that) I had 4 or 5 people i could get information from. They helped memore than i could have imagened
The passed me some very basic information. That info allowed me to expand on what i wanted to be and what i have become withing the realm. But
now it is very hard to find people with the facts or clear information.

This can only really be sold with trust been given again. Yes i know Mur got burned in this area before. I cannot say howto really solve this
other than to try trusting so people. Start off with basic info that cannot damage the great plan. Have a point were someone can say for sure
that something is true or false and that it is not based on a theroy of there own. this is harder resolved i know.

4. Yes i know i mentioned this in the other topics above. But unless we have something blike the PAL suggestion we just dont kno0w what is happining.
We may hear or find out of such things when it is too late. That is like missing an epesode of one favourate TV program that explaines something

Well like the PAL suggestion and the archives this could be used together and if others are willing the can get involved in the event. This i
think would work to bring in more fun and excitment and a feel of beeing involved and the taking part. This i beleve is vital to the world of MD.

5. Well I know i was not the best at keeping the allaince when i was in it. I admit to that. So i cannot really say how this is resolved. But i do
have an opinion :D

I think again with the above mantions suggestions this could revive the allainces. Hell this might even get the allaince to be more active. As
having events that the allaince in all of MD mentiond in the PAL would help to create interaction between players/comunity/allainces of other
lands. This is something i can see helping to make the whole of MD more.

So as you can see i went on a bit about the whole thing.
But i beleve doing something like what was suggested above would go a long way to helping MD Mur as most of what is above does not require Mur to be hands on. Appart from the implementing the PAL suggestion. But i beleve that would take little to implement. I could be wrong as i am not a programmer.

So i have had my say and i fully expect my forum
stalker to put a neg mark on this post. :)
But i have come to embrace the neg marks.

I hope i have made some good suggestion and that
i was clear in what i said as i know i can rant and
not be clear in what i say.

Have fun all

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I love the PAL idea, and it seems like a fantastic compromise which allows Mur to maintain creative control while relinquishing some influence to the players. I know many have already expressed this but the AL, along with MD's rich history and dynamic - player influenced - future, is what attracted me to the game. I'm willing to wager that it's also what makes/made players feel involved and willing to stick around.

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well it's not just about Mur

we, as ourselves, need to make few story lines that others would follow. I'm not familiar with rules of dungeons and dragons, but as far as I know they have Game Masters right? so why don't certain group of people team up and create a story that would start series of events, in which other people can join in, making something grand. The 'Game Master' would set the rules at the start, how the events would function (you could use torch system for certain events within those event series, if battle occurs or whatever)

same thing about history. Players should work on that.
I was planning to create History of Loreroot for a long time, and somehow I keep delaying it, some cause of the members that should help and their duties in RL, some cause of mine, and some cause I can't manage to make people tell me right away what I want (cause they keep delaying it for later on), but anyways it will be made at one point (very soon I hope)

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='17 February 2010 - 03:51 PM' timestamp='1266443511' post='54647']
we, as ourselves, need to make few story lines that others would follow. I'm not familiar with rules of dungeons and dragons, but as far as I know they have Game Masters right? so why don't certain group of people team up and create a story that would start series of events, in which other people can join in, making something grand. The 'Game Master' would set the rules at the start, how the events would function (you could use torch system for certain events within those event series, if battle occurs or whatever)
Yes, that's it exactly. The war between Golemus and Necrovion, which came down to a battle between the Knights of the Bell on one side and the Sentinels and the Eclipse on the other, was player-driven and player-managed. I can't speak for everyone, but I know at least three players who were highly galvanized by the player-sponsored events of this war, and who came away feeling a deeper sense of involvement in MagicDuel and connection to its characters.

I take nothing away from Mur, who has given his all and more to MagicDuel: 110%, as professional athletes in the US are prone to say. But I also do not address him - I address you, my fellow players. Don't wait for Mur to implement things! Reach out to each other, organize, plan, and then hang on for the ride. Most importantly of all, reach out to the players of your characters' enemies and figure out a way to use rp and existing game mechanics to weave a story whose starting conditions you control, but whose outcome is in doubt.

It'll be fun. I promise.

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