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Din cate stiam un ritual random trebuie sa foloseasca 6 creaturi. In aceasta poza sunt prezente doar 5.
In log apare ca as avea tot 5 creaturi.
[attachment=1849:random ritual with only 5 crits.PNG]

And the translation cause it seems he forgot to write in English :D

From what I know a random ritual should use 6 creature. In the below (above) picture there are only 5. The log shows only 5 crits as well.

No one's personal translator

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hmm that would make sence indeed Rendril.

If the system pick 6 random creatures and then tries to make a party out of them, there could be indeed less creatures then 6.
Guess you cant have 3 drachs...

But wouldnt it be up to the system to pick 6 valid creatures ?

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Random rit has always picked six creatures for me

If the ritual it chose did not cooperate with species limits, it would either work anyways, or wouldn't work at all, not something in-between. At least, that would make sense to me.

As No one told me earlier, he's got 80 creatures, so I imagine he's got lots of variety to pick from >>

Are we sure it was on random? *cough...cough* >>

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[quote name='Rendril' date='23 July 2010 - 07:51 PM' timestamp='1279907474' post='64443']
Were the other creatures not conflicting with the species limits?
well ... as you noticed in the picture there are max 2 creatures of the same type : 2 dracs. There should be no specie limit for any creature.

[quote name='Chewett' date='23 July 2010 - 10:03 PM' timestamp='1279915404' post='64450']
Its a random ritual. Why should it pick 6 valid creatures? i think it should also choose the % slider and amount of crits randomly.
I don't know, it was always with 6 creatures. You can notice that at MP3 because there you most lose ve on most of your creatures and you still get 6 creatures.
The "% slider" is not the point here, only the number of creatures.

As for my creatures ... most of them (almost 80) have max ve. I have only 2 (two) creatures with 0 (zero) ve.

[quote name='Rendril' date='24 July 2010 - 02:22 AM' timestamp='1279930964' post='64473']
That battle log says that he was preparing a random ritual.
Please see if you can replicate this.

A random ritual is designed to be a ritual of 6 if possible.
Rendrill ... :blink: the thing is that I was attacked so ... I'll let myself get attacked some more. And it was just one fight out of the 12 (at that time) that presented this symptom.

I cannot reproduce this as I don't know why it happened, I have no clue. That is why I placed it on the forum to pick up some ideas.

Also, if there are other players interested in this ... maybe they can help and read their logs more often to check specifically for this.

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ok, next time I'll put his creatures there too. Especially when you are not attacking random.

The thing is that you will notice when in your ritual one is missing, but most of the time you don't look at what happens with the enemy.
So, the other creatures are irrelevant.

I do suspect a "<3" instead of a "<=3" because it is missing exactly the amount of groups of 2 from the rest of the ritual.
In the first case there was just 1 group of 2 drachs and it was missing 1 creature
in the second case there were 2 groups (ele & archers) and it was missing 2 creatures

If that is the case, I see a different problem: there was supposed to be allowed max 4 archers, not 3.

Anyway, please let us know if this happen again : image, log(if you attack) & battle id.

As mur & Rendril ... if you fix this ... please let me know.

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Argg if i had seen this post before now

I had 2 random rits happen one only had 2 creatures in it
and the other had 3 all were random attacking rits from me

when i see it next time i will grab screenshots if i had
realised this post was here i would have grabed the logs for
them too.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]I have had this happen as well, and there was only 3 of each type of creature to begin with. I had 3 show up against a 6 creature rit. Yes, all creatures were alive at the time.[/font][/color]

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Afraid I haven't taken a screen but I do believe (my def is random) that one time I only got a GG and rein...

And I have got a screen of 4 creats (1 bird, 1 angie and 2 rein) in a random def... And another similar.

Maybe I should kill everything none drach and keep the random def up, that way if it only selects 2 we'll empirically have proven it in notime at all.

EDIT: Def is random and the only things alive are drachs and one walking tree (for obvious reasons)

Findings are as follows:

Either 2 drachs and a tree or just 2 drachs

Meaning there's probably a > or < instead of >= or <= as no one said.

The 'problem' with less than 6 creatures is the way I think the function works:

For each slot:
1. Pick a random (as before) creature
2. Check how many there are in the rit
if there's too many creatures
continue with next slot
place the creature in the slot

So if you happen to hit a creature with the random that's already at it's max amount, you lose a slot.

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