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Auras Implemented


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um hehe all my buttons are gone and my creatures when i could still access them the pictures for them werent there[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/mellow.gif[/img]

nvm it was a coincedence that the update happened at the same time my browser needed to be updated [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

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Regen bug with the auras should be fixed.

[quote name='redneck' timestamp='1285389140' post='69063']
i was hitting 150k with hertic archer. I believe this is cause of tokens and the new combat

This is intended.

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Yeah... my crits just died... I attacked and:

nukerextreme is preparing new random strategy
Load Yoshi creatures
Load nukerextreme creatures
[crit tokens here]
Influences for Yoshi: regenaura, vampiricaura, poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze, doublefreeze, morale, attackbonus, creatureboost, tripleantifreeze, freeze, levelscare ######
Influences for nukerextreme: poweraura, poweraura, regenaura ######
COMBO: Adding 15055 combo vitality bonus for this ritual

Applying 0% of Yoshi's energetic influence
Applying 89% of nukerextreme's energetic influence
nukerextreme's Animated Tree I remains frozen, skipping turn
nukerextreme's Elemental III remains frozen, skipping turn
nukerextreme's Water Being II remains frozen, skipping turn

nukerextreme's Grasan I cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn

... nukerextreme WINS!

Creature Experience reward for Yoshi - Losing player
Player is at max xp limit, no xp reward

Creature Experience reward for nukerextreme - Winning player

Air Scout gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Water Being II gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Elemental III gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Grasan I gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Air Scout gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Animated Tree I gaines 0 Xp and a won battle
Winner gets won fights counter incremented!
Loser gets humiliated, loss fights counter incremented!

They were just fully healed, and nobody had attacked me. I healed, attacked someone else, same result...

EDIT: I had a pope, rein, morph,imp, tree and bird, all maxed cept the imp, lvl 1. Testing which one was at fault.

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[quote name='Clock Master' timestamp='1285413120' post='69077']
Is it intended to work both ways? I mean not just taking stat difference from the opponent but also giving away

Bwahahahah :))

Auras will still get tweaked after evaluation is complete.

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Note: Any of this has so far undergone testing, and will get more in future, also more extensive.

An unholy on lvl1 taking 40%? from 500k ve
A maxed pope taking 120%? from 500k ve

Sorry, the unholy is way too great with this..40% perhaps, but 120% is way over the top. I'm not sure of the formula, but both times it was vs a 0% slider, so no power influence.

I suggest a great tweaking down, because this way elementals will get almost useless..

Compared: 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.8 = 0.4096 An elem steals 59% after 4 rounds, targetting multiple, this aura however could target all if you use 6 creats.

I suggest making the value be 10% starting going to 30% or 40%, however no more than 50% at all cost...else elems get nerfed too much and would need a bigger drain limit.

That was vs single creats, will have to do more on multiple later.

Soulweaver/TS is going crazy as well:

I heard reports of SW's doing like 300% steal (not confirmed), which defies the reason to have skillsteal. A maximum of 25%, maybe 30% is my suggestion, else everything spins out of place..plus, no idea how some creats could get 150k attack out of nowhere.

Again, this has to stay below 50%: Otherwise you essentially have the same stats as your enemy in the rit, but added to your own. Even though it appears SWs can steal back and forth, it has to be kept in mind that this would almost force an Sw into many rits with more..defying the stat system in the basics.

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Nah, actually this is 2 aura's. One that sucks stats from the opponent and the other is supposed to suck ve. Both just apply to the fight.

Although, in the current system whoever has the most negative stats is the most powerful :)) Try setting a TS (or better, SW) with a pile of damage all creats, the time for IAB supremacy has come!

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Technically Elementals will still be used, but only by those who actually want exp/stats from a battle. The health swapped by a UP does not count as health gain or damage during the battle.

That being said, while I'm using one UP, the enemy should not be starting the match with dead creatures. One critter killing off half the enemies creatures before the fight even starts? And the ones still alive are just barely that way.

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here's one i don't understand:

Just had a fight against Jose Estrada, him 0% influence, me 100% with 20k VE.
I didn't use any auras, he had a vampiricaura (Priest1) and a skillvampire (ts1).
He got a little bit of my VE, as expected. I killed him almost instantly, as expected. No damage against me, save for what the aura did.

Outcome: Casualties: Enemy:100%, You:-9.9438778%, E lost: 4965vit; A lost: vit;

I didn't steal life or anything, if at all, i should have lost VE to the aura. The fight was rather short, two of my archers dealt with his minions. I definitely didn't heal in any way.

I bet that shouldn't happen XD

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Casualties: Defender:-9.08649%, Attacker:-1.33089%

I am the defender and I have a single remain set up that is damaging itself.

Baiano is the attacker and he has 2 tree's on regen, a pope, and 3 lifestealers.

IN baiano 0 -39 15 26-09-2010 17:20:24 replay

Somehow I won that one

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strange battle, I don't understand it.


my creatures had enough vitality. However they all appeared with 0 vitality in the battle. See log.

Load XXX creatures
Load Mighty Pirate creatures

Influences for XXX: creatureboost, creatureboost, vampiricaura, creatureboost, antifreeze, creatureboost ######
Influences for Mighty Pirate: vampiricaura, vampiricaura, antifreeze, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost ######
COMBO: Adding 43287 combo vitality bonus for this ritual
Applying 0% of XXX's energetic influence
Applying 10% of Mighty Pirate's energetic influence

XXX's vampiricaura drains

XXX's Chaos Archer cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn



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I love the new UP aura. The pope currently sucks about 1/3 of the opponent's vitality. This is perfect for people like me trying to avoid stat loss from repeated hits by the superpowers. Weak people can now come out of hiding from sanctuaries. :D

Thank you, Mur.

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