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Story Night Recruitment


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Alright folks.

It seems that during all of Story Night I have been doing most of the load, and point blank: I need help.

There is only one exact spot that I can think of, perhaps more. This spot is simply to be helping me with PMing the judges with stories, sending them notices, preparing the times, advertising, and basically just general things to organize things. This person would also be of help to bounce ideas off of, and take my place with hosting in case I would like to share a piece myself, or in case we need them because of some other happening, such as my not being able to make it. I am more than willing to trade off with hosting in case that person is unable to make it, or wishes to present a piece theirself.

I am leaning towards someone who has organized something of this fashion before, but I am not impartial towards people willing to give it a try. However, one thing that I would like to say for those who would like to 'try': To me, this is like a job. To you, I am like your boss. I don't want you doing this job just because you want it to add to your resume list of jobs just because it looks good. I want someone who CARES as much as I do.

That being said, I am particularly picky. Some of you will apply, but only one [or maybe two, I don't know yet] will be chosen. The interviewing will be long, because I have to know that that person will have the right of mind not to spill anything said between Boss and Employee, so to say, about the night in particular. Example: Person A gets a piece in, and I look it over, and give my commentation, and such, and discuss it with Employee A. Person B comes in with a piece that I also look over, speak about it with Employee A, and they know perhaps.. Person A personally, and decides to blab about what was said. That right there, will not be tolerated.

I will be strict in privacy because these are people's "babies," so to say, just as Story Night is my "baby."

Applicants will need to have creativity, instead of just analytical background, namely because this is a creative event. For those who are denied, I won't mind giving a reason why for those who ask. I would prefer the applicants use the following format:

Age[game wise]:
Past events organized [if applicable]:
Alliance/Citizenship [if applicable]:
A reason why you want to help:

From there, everything else will be determined in a series of interviews.

Note: My apologies if I rambled.

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Name:The great pashweetie
Age:172 total 62 active
Past events orginized: tried to help fyrd orginize fair fight zone.
Reason why i want to help:A good story word is worth 1:200 of normal words i would love to help, im finding i have less and less to do these days. But only if you approve curi ;)

Edited by The Great Pashweetie
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I'll help, if you are interested.

Keith Moon

715 active (Tarquin is older)

[u][b]Past Events Organized[/b][/u]
Story Night
Lunar Festival 2009*
"Red" worship service (celebrant: Dark Mystic)*
Quest: who killed Mya Celestia?
Tournament honoring Knator Commander*

*Organized by Tarquin, not Keith

Tainted Warriors/Necrovion

[u][b]Reason I want to help[/b][/u]
You seem to need the help.

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For those already applying:

I would like to wait a few more days to get more applications put in before doing any thing more. I apologize for the delay, but it helps me in the long run with figuring out who to choose.

Thank you.

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

Story Night is still looking to recruit.

Please state:
your name
player age [Active days]
and interest in helping.

The positions that are now open are the following:
Sponsorship[Unlimited vacancies]
Advertising[3 vacancies]
Hosting[3 vacancies]
Judging*[2, or 1 vacancy]

When you post, You will see a number of vacancies next to the positions stated. That is roughly the amount of people needed to complete the task and possibly [hopefully...] make things smoother.

I am looking for people who are willing to do this as a volunteer job. I am not going to force people to join, however, if I tell you to do something, and you do not... well. You will face my wrath. Well, it won't be as bad as when you blatantly try to contradict what I say. I'd at most just tell you to please remember to do it next time.

Anywho. My preference would be for newer players to participate, because it [I think, at least] is a good way for players to get out there, and well... become integrated into the game. Gives them a feeling of self accomplishment and fulfillment [or at least, I think so, anyway.] The only position of which I will be really picky will be judging.

*Judging requires secrecy, polite and courteousness, but most of all, literary talent. I do not want people who can point and say: "Bad story!" No. I am wanting people who can critique, and help writers grow. If you decide you want to judge, I will submit one of my own pieces to you and you must critique it. Shred it. Do whatever it is you have to do to PROVE that you are able to judge. From there, I will send an anonymous story of which you must also critique. Lastly, I will send you a story written by someone who is say, your arch nemesis. If you cannot show impartial behavior, then you will not get the job, and I apologize.

I look very forward to your applications.

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Age[game wise]: 200 days
Past events organized [if applicable]:
Alliance/Citizenship [if applicable]: Necrovion
A reason why you want to help:

It will benefit MD. Simple. I have no reason to help you, and you obviously don't want to help me, but this could be a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

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-Phear Wolf

-70 active days

-I want to help Story Night because I really like the concept of gather people who like to read and/or write to share their creations and opinions. I love to read, I devour about 4~6 book every month, and a while ago I started writing my own stories. I also have some friends who write to, so we read each others stories and give our opinions every once in a while (yes, this is in rl =)
The idea to share what I write with others pleases me a lot, and I want to help this project grow and perfect itself, so more and more people gather to read what I write and allow me to read what they wrote. (I know how selfish that sounds, but i don`t care =P )

-aplying for Hosting and/ or advertising (don`t think I`m cut for judging, I`m too easy to please but also too hard to please... confusing? I know =) I may also contribute with sponsoring, but my resouces are limited to creatures...

(today my captcha in login was SN... maybe that is a sign =P )

Edited by Phear the Wolf
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your name: Sunfire
player age:164
and interest in helping: i love to write,and i find it very nice to see such an event that connects all those people who have that in common.
so it would be an honor to help with this

i would like to apply for take the position of a host, and if that is not possible an advertiser

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"... get Legend Speakers to help support...." Hmmm....

In Curi's defense, there are only 2 of us left in Legend Speakers, and I'm pretty busy. The focus of my limited game energy remains quest creation. Curi is indeed at the pinch point of making Story Night work without much internal alliance support.

If this sort of thing (Story Night) appeals to you, and you would be sad to see it go, maybe you should consider joining Legend Speakers. The Alliance is whatever you make of it. Contact either Curious or me to discuss further. Of course even short of that, any level of support with Story Night will be appreciated.

I would offer rewards for helping if it were not for the fact that the best people do it for love. But you will earn my gratitude and all that comes with that.

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Thank you, Fyrd.

As for everyone else:
Kay, Phear, and Sunfire, thank you for applying; you are accepted. I will write you a PM stating what to do, where to find information, how to find me, etc.

As for Seigheart:

You are declined. You have shown no support or any interest in Story Night other than just recently. As far as I am concerned, you are more in this for the name and fame and whatever benefit you can reap from this.

I am not saying this to be mean, or nasty, but I am telling you up front. I can be impartial, and yes, I was considering to say yes, but after thinking on it, I have to decline.

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