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A Show Of Force 2

Muratus del Mur

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This is a very long topic, and you will need time and a clear head to understand it. Pease read this post first, it is in a way the first part of "What's a Mur" riddle.


I put it separately because the Mirror story will continue its own way.

when you are done reading that, be sure you still have time and your head doesn't hurt from the previous reading , and proceed with next post.

This is a long one. It was meant as material for a book, so consider this the short version.

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Show of force 3 - What's a Mur

Muratus del Mur started as my main character in MD several years ago, ruler of entire MagicDuel realm, invisible and unbiased judge of both good and bad actions, making both official but also secret  chess moves in the realm balance.  It started after I was known as King Manu, but slightly MD changed myself and in an unspeakable way it brought answers before actual questions. King Manu was more of a leader type, but Mur can be considered a creator/crazy god type. I knew the feelings that drove this entire thing, and used time to disect them in words, logic structures, and even scientific explenations. Years ago I had no chance to tell you the answer in this way, keeping its flavor and its true feeling. Now I evolved, I learned from you, I always do. I mirror myself, in the realm but the reflections I get back are from the people in the realm, not from the realm itlsef. The story of Mur, who he and what it happen next, starts with a simple , yet tricky question.
What's a Mur?..It was a question I designed, for you to ask but never find. It was my challange, it still might, to show the a truth I could not write. Yet some of you got really close, had the answer at their nose.

The quest ends now, took you three years, its time the answer reach your ears. 
I think I ..lost.., yet none have won, imagine that, if you really can. I will not hide, i know its hard, to do a quest without reward. Yet those that won can know they did, without anyone to confirm their deed.  The way you searched, its the reward, regardless of the answer found. I never give rewards for riddles that I value most, consider it a paradox. I put your reward in the result and my motivation in your feedback.

What is a Mur, I'll stop the tease, but still can't tell it with such ease. 

You all forget what words once ment, you know their form but lost content. A Mur reminds you of that fact, that words mean thought behind a sound. You searched the letters, found relations, but missed the feelings that were obvious. It is a thought, you already feel, it is a name that is not real. The Mur itself is just a clue, to point the meaning that is true. A point of void to place the border, so questions all can find their order. 

You found it means "Wall", oh thats so true! it's the important clue. A wall indeed its most you found, searching meanings all around. A single word can't answer it, you had to follow bit by bit. You always had the other clues, but one by one you had them gone, giving them meanings of their own. 

I lost this quest because I learned, that secrets work if stay untold. I should have stoped to write this bit, to have the best of riddles kept. I do however think this should, become the lesson that it could, to reveal all and skip the blurr, that some could cast on what means Mur.

So lets see the clues that left a trace, to find the Mur's secret face. 
Its not exagerated, I pick my words, I know my reasons. Some think I gamble, when words and rhymes I do slightly tremble. The face i mean is there alright, as dark and black shadow, its wings show light around the night to follow. It discovered the realm, you all know to what I aim. Now think of it, I always said, the realm was there, I just discover. To follow the trace and reveal some connections, imagine the spitt in the Angiens development. A face for one to show the light, a face for one to show the dark, yet one from the other will emerge. 

I will spoil this one, because its late, I put a meaning on a plate. I wish I said this clue much sooner, but I was somehow scared, It would have turned truth to rumor, or damage logic bad. The angiens dark face hides nothing more than a reflexion. Like the mirror on that wall, a truth of history repeated, the story of our ancient fall,  with all implications on purpose intended.

There is a catch to all I say, I want to make you think, don't take me wrong I pray, but other things should link.  To see the music behind words, listen to what's hidden, to feel the colors behind thoughts, reveals a story yet unwritten.     

But that's a story I still reserve, to torture minds of briliant people, it is a practice to preserve, the neverendin MD meanings ..ripple.

So back to clues, what else is there?
Oh yeah, my name, an arrogant character with great fame. Muratus "of the" Mur, like the derivate of something, still keeping the initial name somehow. Its like something of the same something, yet different. More? Less? depends what dirrection you look at it, yet is the same, like the repeating yet different history symbolized in the mirror story.

The times that I hold, the rumors i provoke..they all have their purpose, but don't get paranoid. You need to see, attention is mandatory, there is no mirror in the entire MD game, nor in scenes or rooms or items, yet I hold a big clear mirror in my inventory. How rude of me, to wave the biggest clues at you without telling you a nice story.

I even mirrored your details and name when you clicked me..ha..that was a desperate and clear clue.

The MD Pattern

There are more, but I made my point. Mur is a pattern to expect. Its meaning slipped within your knowledge, not your heads, it is not manipulatory or intrusive, but it is my sort of "art" in all its glory. Its ment to say, what i was to stupid back then to explain directly. You read the story of the mirror now, stop thinking, there is no math, there might be physics but its all nature afterall. All you need to see the forest is to stop analysing each tree, information is free, the path is the one difficult. You can learn how the most complex things work by analising even the simplest ones. 

My lesson ended, I might do to, but now i know which way to go.
MD is art, It holds much more, regardless of how insane i might go :)), my legacy, and the skill of its inhabitants, will offer me the WALL i always searched for. Oh yeah. MD is my wall, i am its mirror, and that works the opposite way to, but NO, thats not all. It is a pattern. I am just the advertiser of this pattern, a popular charcter with all the rights to show the symbols. 

I learned something shocking. I built MD based on things deep in me, yet, it proved later they were not just mine. Then i discovered a pattern, one I represented, but not caused. Step by step I understood things ... to many to spell. MD built Mur, Mur built MYSELF, and I built MD... and above all, the patterns are valid, its not a personal thing with me as a person in rl, it is a general story, where the word Mur is not even a name with a meaning. You see me as a "god" in MD..oh yeah..its what i am in md ...made me realize we all are gods in our own mirrored universes.  
Its not programming, logic or color, it seems there is only one tool that can fit my needs right now and its called art. I'm kind of doomed regarding that, I might be skilled but I am not an artist really. I built my own kind of art, has no name yet. Its the logic methods you see in MD, , ways were thought, number and color combine, long story, but its beautifull. I wish I could use the skills I perfected, in ways to support my past, like improve MD, fix its gaps that are driving people away, fix my life and so on, but Mur is now trapped in its own mirror, escaping reality in its own way, both in MD and in RL. My experiments continue, but I might give them more personal touch from now. I searched enough to be objective just to realise i did and valued the opposite, and it was in the end a very subjective and personal way to put things that helped me understand something I supposed initially to be as pure as math and without interpretations, but it wasn't.

 I search the big mirror, don't we all? But i shattered in many shards, and now I look through each and so I should. It is a path we all follow, cause we are all just shards. 

I cant finsih things, in general i mean. It is sort of a curse or doom. However like someone told me, my skill is to "not finish them". I will perfect that. I will build things that finish themselves. I guess, if MD was indeed a series of unavoidable coincidences and logic paths as i concluded, it also means a stable and perfectly interconnected mechanism can be initiated by a single spark. Like planting a seed in the right conjuncture. What if i could build a seed, one of color and logic, a reaction to cause the chain of coincidences that follow. A point in the future to cause all its events in the past... I know now this is possible, it happens, but are the shards able to achieve that, or not. Cant ask a plant to run, or an animal to grow roots...can the shards do that , even as a test, like md was, or that remains reserved for the neverexistant initiall mirror?  I left that end unwritten yet, but all the strings are there to connect, with mur's mirror, and other MD things..

There are words and sounds and combination of those that are meaningfull regardless of culture. It makes me wonder.. a lot of things.

I will enjoy reading your replies, as always.

some time ago I honestly thought that i will never reveal its secrets. People close to me probably thought I should have revealed it first to them, but i didnt. I appologise to them, but they should know that nobody untill now, no friends, relatives, players or strangers knew this before i write it here. I flipped a coin, this was the decision so to say.  


P.S. there are things I wanted to put in MD as clues to mur , that were supposed to bring other interesting details of its meaning. I didnt managed to do that in MD but I might continue   in the mirror story that just started. (example: refering The Mur like it is a device, a core inside someone... and many more clues, excluding tomatoes, lol)
P.S.2 The Mirror story is NOT adventure log story, it will continue privately but will intersect with MD in several places because its main character is Mur.


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this is my favourite part

[i]"I searched enough to be objective just to realise i did and valued the opposite, and it was in the end a very subjective and personal way to put things that helped me understand something I supposed initially to be as pure as math and without interpretations, but it wasn't."[/i]

it gives me hope that there is a "reason" for MD and that i might be able to discover the meaning of its different parts, and what you decided you would like it to be, or how you would like it to work. How when you came up with initial ideas they twisted like vines grabbing onto different ideas and intertwining, forming an almost incoherent mass, that the "math" is still there underneath

i guess i also didnt realise that MD was so much your creation and that to understand it better, i would have to start trying to understand you.

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I think I'll just go on believing that Mur is just an acronym for Manu Under Reconstruction.

You shattered my dreams. You... you... :'(

Just joking... This is more insight into your personality than I would feel comfortable sharing with strangers, then again whole MD probably is... And gives a clearer picture to some parts of the "MD mystery", so I guess a "thank you", and a "you ruined it for me" are in order after all.

Edit: Oh, and I hate you... :) Your post made me think about some stuff, and I like my brain as inactive as possible.

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Paradox - by the time you have seen yourself in the many shards of your mirror, you will have changed, and all you will have left are a million past you's.

In the MD world you are correct in that you are the center, and all of us revolve around you, but as time goes on things start to change. Other people enter the world you meticulously carved and start to reface it. Khalazdad springs to mind. He took what you gave him, and recreated it to fit his needs and ideals, and while they were close in thought to yours, they were vastly different in expression. And so, he becomes a secondary God.

The more you create, the more people follow, but creation is nothing more than an elegant refashioning, were the aesthetic is closely monitored by inspiration. The thought - the most effective and popular of art is that which can represent what lies inside. Art is a mirror that reflects the internal but unstated. Listen to a song, and if the words match your thoughts and the melodies sufficiently fill the silence while at the same time being similar in structure to that which you have before, it will be a good and attractive song.

Art is not empirical, it is not objective, as you say. Art is the act of connection, and it just so happens that the most famous of art is most universal.

MD is a specific world, built in such a way that few people stay because few people match enough with the creators (I'm sorry Mur, you are not the only creator at this point). That is, you have not yet captured and reflected something that exists in all of us, though you are, I think, getting closer. A matter of time, or a limit not yet bounded?

There will come a time when I understand MD fully, and that is the day I leave, or perhaps the day I die.


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Shall we all peer into the things that connect us at the very heart? Explore the repeating motifs that make us human, make us all human, and make humans of us all? Fire dims the eyes to the night, and the night dims the eyes to the fire. We seek balance, but even that balance has it's price. One may stand at the edges and peer into both sides, but peer too deep from that grey middle and you will find yourself just as blind as if you'd wandered into the depths. So let us make our choices then, and decided which truth we hold dearest.

Shall we ply the shadows? Seek out the things that sought to be hidden? Knowledge yes, privacy..and losing the edges of ourselves to the dark edge of night
Shall we stand in the light? To be defined properly and measured? Truth at the cost of knowing all the shadowy things that lurk in the depths of the human heart
Shall we keep the threshold? To be welcome on both sides, but never really accepted? Knowing just enough of everything to know that you'll never know everything about anything.

Shall we?

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IF you are a mirror of us then from each of us you can find a reflection a sliver a drop of us in you and the same is in reverse for each of us not just you and I and us and the world. So let me ask you have you thought about us those you dislike? Individually some of the MR's you liked as a concept you abhorred the stat grinding and constant fighting... did you ever stop to think? stopped and tried to understand? What does it take to do these things so much fighting and struggling with ourselves to be strong and smart enough to defeat ourselves? To work together by fighting each other? For years we did alone in our basement sharing the secret with a few so why did we bring it out to the public to share it with everyone with the GGG? You Mur are not the only one who shows subtle hints of what is found :P

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I am reading through this post again for the first time, and want to draw attention to the fact that Mur *flipped a coin* on revealing this secret (whatever "revealing" means...still utterly obscure to me).

You flip a coin when you can't think to go one way or the other, it's a nudge of will where wisdom didn't help. I read this recently.

Think a bit on that :)


E: the reading adds, it's also above the will directing the wisdom. Hence, "I'll go with the coin, that'll be what I want."

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