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Well, I've finally started drawing some decent avatars, and I thought I'd share them here. Also, I'm planning to make this a topic where I will add my work and let people suggest how to make it better... Or even make suggestions towards what I should draw.

The work is not by any means high quality and I wouldn't call it art, but I think it is good enough for someone to make it their avy if it "fits them."

I'll start with a couple that were already approved.

[attachment=2204:matrixinspired.jpg] My current avatar. Drew it while watching The Matrix. The movie inspired me in some strange way.

[attachment=2205:Monkish.jpg] Started drawing it as an angelic character but decided against it, and got this martial arts kind of feel.

[attachment=2206:StaffandCloak.jpg] Staff and cloak. Overdid the shading a bit, didn't manage to tune it down during editing, but I guess someone might like it.

[attachment=2207:Fool.jpg] The Fool. My previous avatar and the first avy I was satisfied with.

Still waiting on approval, so feel free to suggest changes:

[attachment=2208:gravedigger.jpg] Grave Digger. Inspired by the Caretakers, I couldn't manage to make the sword look as I wanted to no matter how much I tried...

[attachment=2210:ethien.jpg] A coat and hat dude... Looks French to me, for some reason. :)

[attachment=2209:seig2.jpg] Custom made for Seigheart, if he likes it... I was going for creepy... I'm not sure if I hit the spot.

[attachment=2213:pirate.jpg] Pirate avy... Not much to add... Done during my insomnia run.

[attachment=2299:atr.jpg] Custom made for Atrumist.

[attachment=2302:oldman.jpg] Old man...

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[quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1290698336' post='73211']
For some reason, that particular avatar (grave digger) still hasn't been approved, even though all the others have. I don't know if that's a way of saying: Fix that sword... I might try and do it later today and I'll reupload it...

I wouldnt recommend re uploading it, Then it would be in the system twice...

If they havent given feedback, then its surely still in the system? if it was that bad it would be denied with feedback

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@Chewett..was . You can remove the avatar from the system now, while it's waiting approval... (Not sure how it before) and then upload it being in the system twice.

And I didn't get any kind of feedback, the avy didn't get approved, and my other avatars got approved... So I'm thinking it's not good enough... :/

Anyway, I'll upload a couple that I'm working on currently tomorrow.

Edit: Thanks for the kind words, I know you're lying trough your teeth, but doesn't matter... :D

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[quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1292463462' post='75545']
Two new avy's:


This one is very well done, but I feel you should work on the general structure of a woman's body a bit more. The chest looks a bit, ah.. how to put this, too large and a tad bit flat shading-wise.

Other than that, it is a superb avatar.

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[quote name='dragonrider7' timestamp='1297907339' post='78949']
Cool!! Gimme some shading tips man...


wowww. I'm impressed. now, to hurry up and wait to get an avatar ability unlocked for me. then maybe conscript one of yours. You take commissions?

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@dragonrider: Ugh... I kinda picked up shading by watching at avys Glor did and posted on forums... His style suits me... i don't know what advice I could give x.x

@Maebius: I'd be happy to draw an avatar for you...

New one, avy for sasha...

My next avy...

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