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Md Annual Awards 2010 - Voting Has Started!


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The voting link is UP!! Start voting!!!

And now a little commercial from our sponsors*:

For the first time, Mur's concept of vote power will be used.
The grades players received last year IF they voted in the king/queen elections (for all 4 lands) will be used.
The formula will be this one:
(1st grade+2nd grade+3rd grade+4th grade)/4+constant=vote for this year
-if the player did not vote in one of the polls, the grade for that one will be considered 0 (eg:you voted in 2 out of 4 polls, you will have 2 zeros and the grades received then)
-the constant will be the grade for this year vote:since you don't have to give reasons, the grade will be the same for everyone (probably 5)
-vets will have an advantage
-new players have the opportunity to get their first grade for vote power

I hope you all know (and if not, I am mentioning it here): using alts for voting is forbidden.

*there are no sponsors but it sounded nice to say it

We'll keep you updated about how things work in this thread.

Don't spam!(too much)

Previous years threads[spoiler]2008
Can't seem to find the voting thread, pm me a link if you do please



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We almost have the 100 votes. So the voting will be stopped soon (probably tomorrow).
If you haven't voted, you still have a chance!

Don't forget: don't use alts! A list with players will be sent to the Council for an alt check. Players that used alts will have their votes removed and of course they will not get the mark for voting. Also, names will be made public (probably...and in case there will be alts discovered which I hope it will not be the case).

Me, Grido and Awi will independently calculate the scores and compare results at the end. I am thinking of making public the list with the vote power since it's everyone's right to know how they stand.

Now, go and vote!!

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I don't think it was noted anywhere that voting is now closed (few days ago now).

Unless there are objections (and I get contact to actually confirm we can use it) the ceremony will take place at 2000 at Sage Keep, 20th December. (Just realised 19th is a Sunday, I'd probably be eating dinner when the ceremony was due to start).
If you are nominated for an award, I expect you to be there in case you've won the award as we won't be telling people before the event if they have or not. If time scheduling means that you can only make it for some of the event (it'll probably go on 2ish hours in total) then please let either myself, Awiiya or dst know so that the order of awards can be changed accordingly. If you cannot make it at all, please either suggest another time/date or inform us of someone there in your stead to accept the award should you win.


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That is 1:00 pm for me, and unfortunately, I will not be able to make that time. However, I could be there at 4:00pm, which is 2300 server time.

If the time remains at 20:00 ST, I have asked Grido if he will be Pample for a little while and accept in my stead, if I should win anything. Thanks!

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options being later on Sunday, or move it to sat then?
How about 2200 on Sunday? Pample will be able to make it after the initial hour, and Awii will be able to make it for the first hour (so they're both theoretically happy)
Other people I don't know how that suits?

scrapping Monday idea, but it may as well stay in the post for now

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  • Root Admin

Kinda Pointless asking everyone and changing it for one person each time, since you will undoubtedly then make certain others not be able to make it

I can make most things before 0000, But since im not going to be attending there is no point lol

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First, lighter note; Saturday actually works better for me, and as I kinda have to be there it sounds good to me, so long as there are no objections to the date

As for time, I want to say...2200 server (Mike if you can turn up, great, otherwise, sorry) please tell me if there are big-ish issues with this time

Second; We have found some alt votes submitted for the awards, these will be discounted along with accounts associated with them (and probably named). If you have used an alt, and want your vote to count in future awards voting, please send me a message stating the account names. Anyone that is found to be using an alt and has not messaged me will have no voting privileges for future MD Award voting.

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