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Recruitment Selection Stage 4 Final

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Sharpen this symbol,


I might post additional tests in stage 4 so watch the topic for updates
I don't know at this point how simple or how complicated this one is for you but if it has a too high or too low hit rate i will continue with more tests in this stage

Good Lu...nah..luck is not relevant :)

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I confess that it took me a while of looking at this image before my intuition kicked in.

When looking at the original image I noticed that the corners are rounded, so for the first image I literally "sharpened" it since a square is the second sharpest shape on it's own.

[attachment=2412:recruit 2 - 2.gif]

For my second idea I broke the square in half to create the most naturally "sharp" shape, the triangle. The diagonal line is there because that's what seemed most right to me.


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As the square is made of straight lines, the sharpened square should do so too.
Resulting symbol in schematic:
Resulting symbol:

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As there is no rule about changing the symbol's shape here it goes.

It can be seen as many forms. I'll let you decide which object you see in mine.

And Mur thanks to you I like symbols now no joke. x3

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