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When trying to log on today (approximatly three times), the screen that appears states: You are eligible for five free credits, as well as the creation of a new charecter (I can not take a screen shot, and perhaps don't know how...I am not very computer savy:)). The only way I can log on is by going into my history and finding the actual "address" for verification. This is occurring even when I try to log on through the forums. Please let me know what additonal information is needed as well as the "specifics" on how to provide you with this.

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you can take screen shots by having the screen up that you want to take a picture of and pressing the print screen button on your keyboard usually located above the delete insert and other buttons, should be next to scroll lock.

once you push the button you can go to paint and edit and click paste and your screen shot will show up then just save it to your computer and upload it to photobucket or storenow.net

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[quote name='Yoshi' timestamp='1292477768' post='75562']
redirects to

It's almost as if everything was deleted/moved T.T

Terms&Conditions also do that.
Moreover, Copy Rights, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, aren't working, so I guess the staff and Mur is busy working with that :D

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