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If not MD...


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So, because i can imagine the forum will fill up with, to be frank, complete and utter rubbish, i will add at least one thing that i would be intrested in reading.

So What i want to know, is what you would be doing if you spent your time (and money) on something other than MD. It intrests me of what people do, so please post what you would be doing, no matter how nerdy, or boreing it is. People intrest me :)

What i would be doing:

A) Other online Games - Recently i have found Minecraft an intresting game, being able to spend hours collecting resources for a massive pixel based image, or making my a castle. its a bit like Lego for bigger kids :D. I would also probably spend some more time completeing Oblivion, before Skyrim comes out, Since iv created numerous chars but never really completed the main quest to any length.

B) Intresting Programmings - I Find programming something incredibly intresting. Since i have a large amount of computers at my disposal where i work, Im currently working on a system which can command multiple computes to work on a "problem" or just bounce an image between multiple computers. An example of that i am working on is to take any amount of computers and have the computer "bounce" an image between those monitors. The reason is mainly for intrest, since i find computers rather strange beasts.

C) My Robot! - This is my long ongoing project, iv been slowly collecting parts, but with my limited cash and tools i havent been able to buy that laser cutter (£5k+) or multiple steel cutting tools. The current state is that i have a couple motors, a lazer that can light matches and burn through baloons, And a bunch of electronics. Slowly im building it together but it looks like it will most definatly never be finished.

As i said, im intrested in the people behind MD, What makes them tick, Whats your "hobby"?

Note: this is in the OFFTOPIC section of the forum, and therefore wont qualify for "most creative post", If you want to try and win this, go spam somewhere else

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From february till now I was without a internet access, so at my playing time I was:

Monday: On the traffic, trying to reach home;
Tuesday: At the library;
Wednesday: Reunion with all the professors of my residency;
Thursday and Friday: Studying or looking for a place to live.
Saturday and Sunday: studying/ cleaning my room.

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[color="#2e8b57"][i]Hmmmm ....

Generally my internet is usually so crap that if I cant play MD i generally cant open many other web pages either,So other games are out the window. I'm usually just on line chatting with friends, If and when internet is fast enough to open MD then I'm torrenting stuff :ph34r: faffing around on FB, catching up on emails, and youtubing random stuff and skyping people back home.

Other freetime during the week is devoted to my research project, reading and/or writing, cooking and being awesome. Oh! and watching whatever I've just torrented :P (right now its ER and Thundercats ^_^) and then of course weekends = Shopping and PARTY TIME!!! :cool:. [/i][/color]

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I play other games like monster galaxy (winks at shem), watch anime (bleach atm), hang out with my friends, study for at least two to five hours daily (mostly its two :P), and read books (currently robin cook: cure). Most of all I enjoy sleeping... :D I am always on the internet through my phone though... Afk for long intervals.

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I play other online games (Batheo, Dragon Age: Legends) for a bit of mindless fun. I don't want to be challenged by these games. Some people play solitaire (my wife is a mahjong addict); I play simple Internet games with heroes and wizards and stuff.

I play xbox games pretty heavily. I'm running yet another character through the Dragon Age: Origins series before I check out DA2, which has been sitting in my cabinet since the day it was released (I'm obsessive-compulsive; everything has to happen in a certain order or I melt down). Many of the Bioware titles have been favorites of mine, though I have played the most recent two Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind, Oblivion), Fallout (1-3), and the Assassin's Creed titles.

My avocation is writing, and I would prefer it to be a paying gig. I write poems by the score and struggle ferociously with fiction, which in the postmodern/post-structuralist era challenges me quite a bit. I also create roleplaying settings and write tabletop adventures/investigations all the time.

I read at least a little every day. I am currently wrestling with M. John Harrison, a cruel and very gifted writer of fantastic fiction. He is one of the main reasons I don't just happily tap away writing genre Fantasy: that's been done and I do it compulsively whenever I run a tabletop game. What hasn't been done is weird, recondite, and demanding, so that's what I read.

I spend time with my girls, of course, because they like to go outside. It's difficult for one with my condition (multiple sclerosis) to go outside, so they are a positive influence. Were it not for them, I'd likely be sitting in a dark room all day avoiding human contact as much as possible.

Finally my wife and I like to build things, from small models (often for use in RPGs) to basic animatronics to holiday decorations (I have dabbled quite a bit with styrofoam tombstones, for example).

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Currently on my first FULL playthrough of Majora's Mask, but I've played enough bits and pieces to know almost everything I need to. Gonna finish up Windwaker when I get around to it. I might do OoT if my laptop's still out of commission in a week. Lotta Zelda games >>

I'd probably be obsessively monitoring YouTube for new videos if I could. Also Minecraft. Iunno, maybe eventually I'll get around to something useful :)

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  • Root Admin
:D i find it intresting that Pip you said you would be "obsessively mointering Youtube for new videos" I find myself obsessively monitering either travian (new T4 on a uk world just started) Facebook (URGH gotta hate it) or the forum (makes sense lol)

I decide i will "stop" one thing, and then i find that the entirity of the "internet" usage for me is the time i open a browser to "just check" something.

Anyone else do this? or am i just a little mad :D
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Lets see....

[color="#FF0000"]Monday: Morning; Work.[/color] Evening; Work

[color="#FF0000"]Tuesday:Morning; Work.[/color] Evening; Work

[color="#FF0000"]Wednesday:Morning; Work[/color]. Evening; Work

[color="#FF0000"]Thursday:Morning; Work.[/color] Evening; Work

[color="#FF0000"]Friday:Morning; Work.[/color] Evening; Work

[color="#FF0000"]Saturday: Morning; Shopping,Eating out, etc.[/color] Evening; Going out to clubs with my friends

[color="#FF0000"]Sunday: Morning; Waking up with a headache, shopping with friends.[/color] Evening; Getting ready for work.

And yes Chewy...it's normal :D I am a Facebook addict >:D Oh and then also throw in cooking, cleaning and baby sitting McShadow with all of that :/

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Summary of my life:
I play minecraft and play MD.

Example of how much i play minecraft (i really did type this to someone >.>):
if this was minecraft i would fill your house with wood and light it on fire only to have it set off redstone which would flood your house breaking all your torches setting off a massive sand cave in blocking the water source one of the sand setting off a redstone circuit hooked up to a tnt cannon obliterating your house

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There was a time when MD was everything....then dst got a new job...

So...if not MD there are few things: work, sleep, other games (1 hour/day...yeah I cheat on MD), going to cinema, playing board games, shopping (oh god! it feels so good to buy cloths!!), arguing with different people (this helps MD a lot cause I don't argue with people inside MD anymore)...what else? guess this is it since the day only has 24 hours...

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O.o you play board games dst? I'm sure most of the younger people around here don't even know what board games are :)) Whats the other game you play?

Oh and if it weren't for MD.....I'd either be playing some other game to fill the void...or sleeping more

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Ongoing fix-up of a house build in 1854, which we run as a B&B
Board games with wife and sometimes friends
Music - wife is pro, I'm in church performance choir, christmas caroling, various amateur interests
X-Box 360 - Fallout3 & Oblivion beat to death, need the sequils
Trying to pay the bills without going too far in debt while working on making millions as a chemical entrepreneur. Some day, some day....
Crafts - glass blowing, wood work, leather, painting, fountain/water-clock/wind-driven-sculpture/bubble-blower design, etc.
Cat & fish care (and yes, we have to twice daily put ointment in one cat's ears... no joke.... when we catch him, I must run afk)
Trying to figure out how to reverse inertia and lose up to about 50% of my body mass....
Daily housekeeping and health maintenance chores...

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I love music, all kinds of it, so mostly I listen to music even while playing games.

I love to write (work) on my book series, since years I do that but not everyday.

I like to preapare food for others (cooking or making raw food stuff).

I do martial arts since my age 6, so I would say that´s more than a hobby.

I do travel alot nearly every year for the last 7 years, but not traveling with alot money ... the other way ;);) .

I like our garden, creating and forming it.

I like to play games but 9 years ago it changed from single player games to MMORPG`s (started with Dark Age Of Camelot).

there is much more but I will not list everything I do. I could use 48 hours each day but I have only 17 :mad:


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A few of you mentioned minecraft, I have my own classic server that I like to play around and act like god on :)) . I'm not on it all that often though, as I am usually playing ogame or (more and more now) MagicDuel. Ask me sometime if you would want to come see my server.

Occasionally I will play xbox or something, that's only if I get really bored though. I prefer to hang out with friends than do anything else, but lately my friends have been very busy so I don't do that much.

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