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BFH’s Secret Quest


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[size="3"][font="Arial"]During this month I'll be running a quest for a limited number of players. [/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Arial"]I won't give the details now, that's why is "secret." [/font][/size]

[size="3"][b][font="Arial"]Only players with the following characteristics might apply:[/font][/b][/size]

[list=1][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]100 or more active days[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]Lots of patience.[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]Organized.[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]With knowledge about MagicDuel.[/font][/size][/list]

[size="3"][font="Arial"]I'll make an exhaustive selection and I'll choose the best candidates.[/font][/size]


[size="3"][font="Arial"]Please post your player names, active days, and why I should chose you?[/font][/size]


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Clock Master AD:863

I enjoy doing quests, especially the ones that require MD knowledge. It gives me chance to learn something new. I have plenty of free time so being patient is not troubling for someone like me.

PS. If there is a WP involved there is another reason why I wish to do this quest. I have to pass that Debug Acc. :))

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  • Root Admin

Hmm, Very interesting, Heck i will apply

Active days: Enough
Reason why i want to apply:

Personally i feel i fulfill your criteria, Iv seen MD grown up, having been here since before it was playable so will undoubtedly lack much knowledge to complete the quest but i can try it eh? I also would say i am very organized due to my job IRL and on the forum.

I would love to attempt this mystery quest, and hope you pick me as one of the participants.

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910 AD
I've been around for a long time and I remember things n' stuff. Also I like surprises. Patience? Well I don't have much else to do. As for organization, anyone can do that if they put the effort in >>

Note: You probably shouldn't choose me if this requires a predictable schedule, because I don't have that.

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Active Days: More than enough
MD Knowledge: I wont say I know everything but I know somethings

Patience: I can be patient if required

Why me? Why not?

Its always good to have someone with a weird and perverse outlook on life in a group. Breaks the monotony. :P

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AD: 314

I consider myself patient, and I think most of MD players are, because for sure patience is mandatory to "survive" in the realm.
Since my first days around, I've always been curious and asked a lot of questions. And I believe this hasn't changed, I try to keep in mind "Do not stagnate" as my motto. With this I have gained some knowledge and am always willing to learn more!


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AD 220

Currently working on community garden project

You will find me sitting at the Meeting of the Roads.

Contact me when you're ready.

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Princ Rhaegar 820 AD

why would you choose me? it's up to you to find a reason. :P
One thing is certain, I won't burden your thoughts like Shadowseeker if you don't choose me x)

--- If you do choose me, I reserve my right to quit if I don't find the quest interesting.

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Name: *dst*/dst the Red from time to time
Age: ooooold...I was here when Mur was a dinosaur.
Why: cause I still try to make the day have at least 36 hours and because I am trying not to miss to compete against players like Burnsy and Shadow.

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