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Enemy ritual was forgotten

Mighty Pirate

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The following message appears increasingly in MD world. (I was used to see it on Mur only, but saw it on other players as well.)

[color=#0000ff][b]Enemy (xxx) ritual was forgotten[/b][/color]
[color=#0000ff]It contained creatures summoned forth from an illusion. You may retry the battle any time.[/color]

As far as I understand these defense ritual makes the holder unattackable as long as he has enough of these defense rituals set. This is highly abusable since it enables you to win any heads competition just by staying online.

Please do something against this.

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In my case I have noticed this happening when I am in illusion mode. Even though I have creatures alive (which can be used for fighting in illusions) unless I create a ritual, it says I have no creatures or the ritual is forgotten.

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