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Coward is my name


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i was trying to reply on my forum "mood panel" then found out 'twas now locked, so now i am forced to make a thread and paste what i was typing awhile ago..

"Of course, i am not jealous or whatever you are thinking of about me, if ever you are really thinking before say something. I only posted once in your thread but seems you are the one who got affected so bad, and to be not so obvious, you are talking random stuffs, just to have something coming out from your mouth. Btw, do you have a proof about you saying I am jealous from Eon?"

and what else you dug from my past bad habits here in MD you want to share to the whole realm? it looks like you are running out of bullets and random thoughts you are delivering.

and please be known that the reason i complain like what others do is simply because i am not one of the noobs you said you are eating. you may have a close and strong connection with the boss, but you do not own us and make us look stupid


[i]and honestly, i am not jealous of Eon, i am only CONCERN about his health. sleeping at most 4 hours a day just to keep our training away is not a healthy life-style: real-life stat damage. and now i have the guts to say i am concern about him?[/i]

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Actually you, as the status maker, can unlock/lock it (or should be able to at least) the main status should have the button below it.

And it got locked (by me) because it was arguing with each other which doesn;t need to be on the forum. I was trying to end the arguing.

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Hmm, nad, have you heard that Da Vinci slept 15 minutes every 4 hours.

[quote]The Da Vinci sleep schedule, also known as the "sleep of genius" or [i]polyphasic [/i]sleep, is a type of sleep pattern which involves sleeping not more than 5 hours a day. Some experts are more strict, arguing that to follow the Da Vinci sleep schedule, a person must become accustomed to sleeping an average of two hours a day, which is how much Leonardo Da Vinci himself slept; others take the term more loosely, allowing practicants to sleep a few hours a night.

The Da Vinci sleep schedule is better suited to people who can control their daily schedules. Basically, the system requires followers to sleep in several 10-minute bursts, for a total of two hours a day. A variation of the Da Vinci sleep schedule requires people to sleep 20 minutes for every four hours that they are awake. This technique, known as "power napping" or the "Uberman's sleep schedule" is actually in use in many corporations as a way to up production of their employees.

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