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Summon by tag - what to, how to

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

I saw you already started talks on the matter and i saw some nice ideas , some terrible ones too.

I will clarify here some things on this matter. The summon by tag spell will be given in a transferable form. I am not sure how at the moment, might be something similar to stones , maybe a reusable item, i don't know. What i know is that binding it to a single player will mean to allow it to die with that player and i don't intend to do that. The "right" to use it will be transferable, and in time it will be bound to the land loyalty.

[b]Once I agree to a tag it will be final.[/b]

This is what i need to grant this ability to someone:

- the name of the tag - this is most important.
- the declared purpose of the group (or call it as you wish)
- A list with names of the players that agree to receive the tag and by that to be subjects of this spell when used by whoever it will be used
- The name of the initial caster that will use the spell till it will be transferable (in case i won't be able to make it transferable from the start). The fastest way is to give it as a spell with limited casts but it will be transferable hopefully till all of the lands decide on something

It would be preferable that each land agrees to one tag and one person to master this spell, but in case there will be any dispute, each group is welcome to send me their list as described above .and i will pick one that i consider most suited.

Most obvious question that comes to my mind now is[b] "how will the players receive their tag and is it transferable too?"[/b] . My intention is to make allow a way to change tags for this purpose, so at first no. but "soon" yes. As usual , i do not know when "soon" is. I might go on a development frenzy and finish it all today or it might take a year. Manual changing of these tags will be an option, and i will change them, till an other more automated method will be implemented.

(in fact while writing this a briliant idea came into my mind and i think i might go on and do it sooner as expected :D ..but dont count on it please )


..now, as strict as it might sound, please follow this exact way or i will [b]ignore[/b] your messages and the submission entirely. It is not so hard to write a [b]clear subject line[/b], so DO IT.
Once you have a list with people , the "leader" of the group who will be able to cast the spell at first, the tag and a clear description of the groups purpose, [b]EMAIL this to manu@md[/b] with the follwoing subject line (replace the keywords with the actual "values":

[size=5]Summon by tag: {[color=#ff0000]Land name[/color]} - {[color=#ff0000]tag name[/color]}[/size]

(if you are unable to understand what 'exact' means, use copy paste, just don't send me variations of this)

Any questions i will answer here

As soon as i have at least one request from each land, i will go on with granting the tags and spell. This spell is the first step of a more hierarchical and king-independent realm.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1326931906' post='101115']
Any questions i will answer here

As soon as i have at least one request from each land, i will go on with granting the tags and spell. [b]This spell is the first step of a more hierarchical and king-independent realm.[/b]

Does this imply then that the era of Kings is over?

And does the tag also grants citizenship or not?

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  • Root Admin

i am not sure if the era of kings is over or not, but i will dramatically reduce the number of potential candidates through what in time will become an almost automated system for hierarchy. Roles in a land is one step, this creates a hierarchy because one person has power over more, but my intention is to add several levels to this hierarchy or as many the actual number of citizens will permit. If the top of the pyramid will be stable enough, kingship might become an automatically gained role and not a voted position. This would allow anyone to climb his way up, it will give new meaning to the rebel thing, and the people ending up being leaders of that land will know better what they want and what they can do. Electing kings doesn't go well. Someone might have good intentions and think he can act as a king but KING is not PRESIDENT, and electing is more for a "president" role. Climbing your way up will filter the right attitude for such a role too. I want a more "pack leader" orientated king role this time. Because such a thing is right now to abstract to be defined, i will leave the king position unoccupied and we shall see on the way where this internal hierarchy of each land will lead us to. Maybe it won't be a king and it will be a leading council..who knows.

tag will not grant citizenship, but tag will be applicable only on citizens. At this moment there is a need of "citizenship without alliance/guild", and like with all new features, it will cause changes and new needs. I shall deal with these on the way. As i said this spell is just a first step towards..whatever will be.

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What if we allowed for a 'grab' addition to this feature? Essentially, it would be a way for those with the tag to grab up to say, two other people, then the spell holder to cast the spell and summon all of the tagged and those that are 'grabbed'? You could even allow this to be used for some war time effect... >>

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  • Root Admin

@peace, citizenship without ally is something that concerns all lands not just necrovion. As i already said there will be ways to be citizen without being part of an ally (keeping the ally importance within a land)

@dragul, the reason why the spell will function only on all of the tagged players at once is to avoid using this spell for fast traveling of just a couple of the people in the group. Being forced to summon all will make you think twice before using it just for the selfish benefit of one or two. A way to change tags will be provided , indirectly, you will see soon what i mean. So no 'grab feature' intentionally.

[b]the spell will be available through an item functionality. I just finished testing on a Death Guard Horn, and it works. This way the spell will be transferable.[/b]
[b]My intention is to make it a shared item BUT make special shared items that can be grabed only based on land loyalty and return to the dispatcher once a month. Its not a final decision, i am still considering other options.[/b]

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I think Udgard was rather pointing out that a bunch of people who'd probably end up in such a group already have a tag they grew fond of, and probably don't want to replace with a group tag.

Is it necessary that the tag people are summoned by is the only tag on that player? Or could it be used as kind of secondary tag, for example in Peace's case 'Healer - Death Guard'?

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There is this issue, I have been banging my head into - what will happen with the tags some of the participants have, and are a part of their role and appeareance?

Now, few statements:
1. I have absolutely no problem to loose my current tag and description, as much as I treasure it and knowing who gave it to me.
2. I hope I speak on behalf of others, not from my own tower. If not then this post can be ingored without hard feelings.

Can something be done, changed or added in order to be able to keep such tags/descriptions or part of them?
I don't want to complicate the interface with something outdated like old tags, or serve selfish reasons. I am well aware that I can put the description in my Personal pages, logs or else, but then it will loose it's worth, since [u]I have putted it there[/u], not the person, who did it in the first place, and it's not the first thing one sees, when approaching me to observe more.

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Electing a king is not 'president' thing.
It was often the king yard council to vote for the king and the army(officers) of the land also to have a right to vote.

Which is, a potential king is selected, the land council votes together with the main defensive alliiance of the land for support or not of that selected person.
Ancient Realms were more democratic than the mediveal.

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[color=#008080][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]When someone is summoned by other means, it doesn't force them online. it brings that character to the place of summoning so when they log on that's where they'll be. If you're idle, your sleeping character will be brought to the place of summoning. [/font][/color]

[color=#008080][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]I hope that helped. :)[/font][/color]

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