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Fang Archbane

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[color=#808080][i]I think that kind of spell is overpowered... what if it was used in GoE? [/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]that'd make someone trapped in half of No Mans for the time the spell is active[/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i]also player who the spell is cast upon is banished where?[/i][/color]

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eh... oke so your point of this spell is to prevent eon from gettin tools at respawn time, in that case redesign teh spell

why i am sayin that, cuz obviously your spell can be used for nuthin else except that, although in eyes of many in md its noble deed to stop eon from doin his things, keep in mind that this spell if accepted will permanently enter md and be available in mdshop, eon most likely wunt be in md forever, and only thing this spell would be doin is preventin somebody to do somethin, in other words this spell would be massively used in hostile way, example: enemy of loreroot has the spell, comes to loreroot and banishes most loyal citizens of loreroot that were waitin for tools

this is just one most obvious example

so LA DOES matter if ya wanna make it defensive spell end of story

fact that water tools spawn in mda is another thing, and for preventin resource depletion think of another way cuz this one is very bad way of doin it and that will in end bring more hostility than good

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In my opinion if you actually want this spell to win then you should make some changes to it.
Considering there are a lot of players out there who have no homeland at all even after playing MD for a long time, while there are other players who have as much as 4 LA, i don't see why LA should matter at all.
From what i understand there will be a voting held for the most popular spell so you should keep in mind to make this spell desirable by as many as possible.

Also maybe you should change the description since i can see some benefits of this spell that have nothing to do with ones Land but still desirable.

This spell can be used well as as an improved version of the movelock spell as most of the scenes in Md are made to go in 2 directions. With 2 cast of this spell you can literally trap a player between 2 scenes.
If someone manages to trap a person, then this spell is a lot more convenient then the classic movelock since the duration of the spell is greater and you don't have to worry about constantly refreshing.

Though i can see this spell bringing some complications when there is a public gathering like the ones during Halloween and Christmas and someone could just be mean and exclude a certain other person from joining these events.
Also nasty when used against competitors in a race type quest and i can see a lot more similarly mean uses.

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1) Naming it after yourself is a bit questionable.
2) Spells regen on the fourth and the eighteenth, not every week.
3) A "[color=#000000]spell of great power, and not one to be taken lightly" available to anybody who has the WP to buy it? I'd suggest modifying the description.[/color]

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Hmm.... in my inexperienced opinion, this seems a bit powerful. Unless really Deep in the Wishshop, or rare rewards. It's almost comparable to the "Lock in Chaos" spell, but limited to a neighboring scene, which is an interesting twist, so there is Precident for it already in the realm.

I will second the thought, however, that if it exists for you, it will be available to Eon as well, so be careful what we wish for. :)

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  • Root Admin

you are essentially requesting a spell to use against one person. I think thats a very poor reason to request said spell, and will be one of the reasons why i would never vote for such a spell.

Not to mention the massive and obvious issues of balance it has.

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  • Root Admin

its still overpowered, and specifically aimed at eon. I again find that very poor taste.

You are suggesting the spell works all the time, putting people on this list, and then when you cast it none of them can do prettymuch anything related to resources for an hour? You relise that this spell, depending where its put, could be on 20-30 people?

It seems way too overpowered, just to "hurt" someone you dont like, becuase of how they play md. And doesnt act like a real "spell" as no spell is continually working like the list idea

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As much as the community dislikes it when people deplete resources, it is ultimately a community concern. If the Council were to accept this spell, it would be the first step towards saying "Eon, you're banned because you're a bad guy", and that is not fair, nor is it acceptable. Herbs and other resources are meant to be moderated by the community: not by Mur, and not by the Council. If you really need herbs, or any other resource, then you can contact me and we can work something out.

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Do you even realize that your proposed spell is unfair?
First scenario: You harvested an 8/8 resource down to 5/8, by accident, or just because it'll still regen 2 (or maybe even 3, I haven't actually tried). 5/8=62.5%, that's lower than 66%. You're on the list, you can't have tools.
Second scenario: You find somebody depleting a resource, and decide to try to take some so as to keep it from them (perhaps not necessarily a good act, but it certainly cannot be said that this is bad). You just harvested a resource below 66%, you're on the list, you can't have tools.
Third scenario: You harvest a 2/2 resource to 1/2. That's lower than 66%, you're on the list, you can't have tools.

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my speculation.. neither Mur nor the MD council really care about the state of (re)sources.. it is only us, the community, who see (and care for) the status of every sources within our territories.. it's not their job to watch over those, but ours.. however, they will listen when we propose something "fair"

may i suggest few adjustments, my friend? since legislator items are now starting to get limited (for availability, for use), why not we make this a legislator spell? it should also need enough new causes (3 minimum, or increase the minimum) and different outcome causes give different effect when the spell is cast on a victim.. prohibiting someone from grabbing a tool is quite mean, and nobody should stop us from grabbing them, if able.. implementation of land loyalty points as a requirement is enough, though we can think of another option..

[color=#ff0000]public stoning[/color]? a legislator spell that has effect of [b]temporarily[/b] bringing the victim into Stat Damage/Loss (very low % amount, could be like those value we gain through our daily login bonus hehe). [i]he gained something, he shall lost something.[/i] and maybe, more citizens of the same land's efforts can increase the SD value?

[color=#ff0000]sharking[/color] (not sure what proper term to use). if the above is too much, another legislator spell effect.. temporarily stripped the victim's armors and weapons for a period of time, making him/her a "softer" assaults recipient, plus a [i]movelock[/i] effect, because someone "stripped" can not walk wander around, eh?

Edit 2:
@ Fang Archbane: if you are familiar with the use of legislator items, you will understand what i am trying to say :P i suggest you join us sometime in "playing" with a legislator item so you may know the concept, and re-write your form, sir :)

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