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wp for Community Garden effort

Fyrd Argentus

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Should I grant Rumi a wp for his efforts on the garden specifically so he can give the scene a "Community Garden" type subtext?

Notes: It might actually be necessary to grant it to somebody else with access to that wish shop function, not sure how deep it is buried, but it would be a reward for Rumi's efforts.

I do not wish to be accused of trying to help my own spirit-revive efforts via wp granting, so I'm throwing this out. Perhaps some other wp-granting agency would see fit to do this in my place if my own entanglement with the garden is unacceptable.


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  • Root Admin

Although he doesnt gain anything from this WP wise, he does, in the fact that one more WP has been used and it will deepen his shop.

Maebius recently lost a WP garnered from Sieg for helping him make a quest, which should probably be taken into consideration.

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I do not think a wishpoint should be awarded so he can add the subtext. Not because I don't think Rumi deserves a wishpoint, but because I think this reason might detract from the authenticity of this reward.

Provided Rumi has not yet been rewarded for his work on the Community Garden, I do believe he is deserving of a wishpoint now or in the future. The Community Garden is one of the few bright spots in MD at this time, and demonstrates hard work and ingenuity. Rumi has not simply created a quest, but something that has already inspired multiple quests, community interaction, and generous donations.

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imo rumi should get rewarded somehow, he really did a lot with garden as ivorak said, and imo just putting community garden in scene subtitle is way to low reward

thing is there are strict rules regarding how players are allowed to reward wps, so thats where the problem lies

ya cant reward him in that way unfortunately even thought he deserves much more

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Agreed, that while I love the effort that Rumi is doing,. I think he's earned a WP for the pure reason of that effort, and the ripples that have spread from the Garden idea in general. Perhaps it's merely a different phrasing, but saying "[i]WP to change the subtitle[/i]" feels wrong to me.

(and yes, I was given a WP for some code help, that I asked Council to revoke as something valuable as a WP was not for the work I did, in private)

In Rumi's case, he's done some serious effort, both in MD that moved beyond the realm itself. Had people thinking about ecological sustainability and inter-relationships for perma-culturing, Many disciplines were discussed, from forestry, aquaculture, seasonal climates, Artwork requiring engineering validation and not aesthetics, just, wow!

... The whole Community Garden has gone [u]well beyond[/u] a simple quest to "describe a garden or draw a pretty picture", and I'd happily support granting an overall WP to him in "general".

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My two cents.

Rumi is deserving of a WP for his efforts / role of building, organizing, and maintaining the community garden.

What he does with it is up to him - the reward should be because he deserves it, regardless of how it would be used.

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