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Resource Depletion


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Again, I did NOT tell him to stop doing anything. Stop putting words in my mouth.

I was merely making the leaders of Necrovion aware of something that other leaders consider a bad thing.
I know many of you are only half alive at this point, so a little heads up is all I wanted to give.

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-My dear lad, allow me to quote you from the mood panel. (Note that quoting you is not putting words in your mouth.)
[quote][b]Seigheart[/b] - [i]FireStarter, do not over collect your Land's resources... Twice now. [/i][/quote]

-Thank you for your concern but let me refer you to the second statement in my first post.

-And to finish this charade, practice what you preach.

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Now, I am unsure whether to laugh or just pass it by...

Let me correct you, Seigh. I didn't depleted them. As you said, I lowered them once to three and once to two bones. Now, three bones regenerate withing 3 days to the required amount, 2 bones left need 4 days.

Now, after you have depleted them, how much time you think the resource would need to regenerate to a satisfactory level? Thaaat's right - too many.

Now, someone reading this could understand what my aim [b]was[/b], or could not. Though I still can't understand yours, Seigh.

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I see no reason for this thread to continue to be open.

Necrovion's do not interfere with other lands when it come to their resources and their member's gathering, so we would appreciate if none interferes with ours.

Thank you all who shared your opinions. Can a moderator please close this topic?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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