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Selling Seighearts Leash

Fang Archbane

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Not too long ago, Etluc killed me, on command of Ivorak.

The following PM is copied here.

[b]*From: Ivorak (ID:39390)[/b]
[i]*sent 1 day and 6 hours ago[/i] [url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.messagelist.php?unread=1516209"]Read later[/url] The whipping wind
Your death is imminent. Best give me Seigheart's leash before your killer finds you.

Needles to say, i was killed over this ridiculousness.

Thus, Seighearts Leash is for sale, by me.

Post your offers below.

This Auction ends when i decide to end it.

The Leash goes to the highest bidder.

Proof of my holding the Leash is in this following Screenshot.



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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Peace' timestamp='1345193840' post='120308']
I am rather confused with the findings of both Chewett and Fire's.

My image is the item as it currently stands

FS is the item Fang is claiming to sell, note the time is the same as the first post, he is merely highlighting the uses that Fang is claiming to be selling the item as.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1345199141' post='120317']
If that last use is used, Seigheart gets the leash back, right?

do they return to their owner? i was unsure what happened when they are depleted.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1345201846' post='120322']
Okay, found my source: From announcement 2203: "Each of these items have 200 uses after which the item is returned to the slave, who can do with it as they want." Not sure if that means it recharges, but if so, using the leash effectively gives Seig something to sell.

yes, if it resets to the owner it will return with 0 uses, so Seigheart will get it back with 200 possible uses again...

i wonder why fang purposely posted a screenshot showing 170 uses then spent used all the uses up... its just wrong...

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[quote name='Fire Starter' timestamp='1345208139' post='120328']
Seigh, this will be the first time You're getting a neg rep from me. And I know you for almost 2 years so far..

Ditto. I found the whole issue somewhat amusing from an external perspective....until that post. :o
Fang seems to be taking it well enough. Don't stress over it please.

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This is what was said by Ivo:
[quote]Your death is imminent. Best give me Seigheart's leash before your killer finds you.[/quote]

Where is the causation here which you so colorfully claim, Seig? Ivo said only that Fang was to die, and soon, and a suggestion was made by him. That is all.

And you are clearly angry and upset - go talk a walk or something, cool off.

What I wonder is why you haven't been so animated in-game --were you to be, it might make things more interesting. Just a thought.

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It does amuse me, seeing our "Treasure Keepers", the ones that [b]apparently[/b] are trustworthy, try to pull off a fraudulent sale.
It seems that with each few months, the trustworthiness of the TK's is slowly diminishing into an abysmal state.

Perhaps you, Seigheart, are not all as cut out for the job as you once made out you were, and it should be passed onto someone that is. ChildOfTheSoul seems to be the only one that actually has any self-respect and worth left, no matter how inactive he may be.


[color=#a9a9a9]Edit: Grammar and spelling.[/color]

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My main intentions were simple.

i thought i would play one Con on either Etluc or Ivorak, whomever decided to bid on it first.

my intentions were not to con my fellow MD citizens, just the ones who wronged me.

i would have waited till either one of the two assailants bid, then i would have immediatly ended the auction, sold it to that player, and it all would have ended happily ever after.

But it seems Chewett could not give me the benefit of the doubt, and wait till all this was over.

thank you my dear Chewy, for making me look like a bad guy, when all i wanted was to gain a light vengeance on he who wronged me out of greed.

its much appreciated, to know i am not trusted, when i have never wronged a single soul in MD.

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