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*Not sure if this should be here, or in the market forum section*

In lieu of the upcoming festival of war and remembrance, I am very willing to commission services of the MDNP or from freelance journalists.
I have noticed that being absent for a total of 5 months of the past year, that I have a gap in my source material concerning players who may have done outstanding features.

I wish for a condense information packet (less than 1 A4) on EON, BFH Lightning, Rhaegar and Seigheart at negotiable silver prices.
I also wish for a introductory packets (1 paragraphs) on players you may think are worthwhile.
For this, I require some proof, or possible witnesses (forum posts, their friends), BUT, if I deem it not good enough, no silver.

It is totally okay to send stories about yourself, please contact me in this topic, or send me a message via the forum.

I am also looking towards a more permanent partnership or even open source cooperation, towards the vetting of the legends in my ubiquitous and arbitrary list of legends. To increase accountability, transparency and to introduce more acceptable criteria, and therefore increase acceptance overall.

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1345562826' post='120682']
Lol why me? O.o
Probably because you are famous? :)
A legend in your own right, the way I see it.

MetalBunny: is there a qualification on what you'd consider "famous enough" to write about? Or perhaps a cut-off (famous stuff that happened before [color=#808080]MDD/MM/YYYY[/color]?) Or are you leaving it open to us other 'scribes' to determine who's newsworthy? (I do like the idea better having us choose, but wanted to clarify in case there were 'filters' in your mind first)

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Sasha Lilias had the Dimensional Shifters revived and given to her (she is no longer in the alliance): Ann. 2230
Kyphis got abilities pertaining to his role as Chronicler: Ann. 2236
MRAlyon made role leader of the MR Fraternity: Ann. 2246
Neno Veliki and Fire Starter got the new position of Avatar Manager, dealing with Gold Avatars and possibly other things (there have been many people caught for stolen artwork since then, may or may not be related): Ann. 2331
Awiiya was given the job of updating the public on Council activity, which he has since resigned from: Ann. 2338
Phantom Orchid has an official role as a dream person: Ann. 2336 and Ann. 2341

Just took a quick scan through the announcements since the beginning of March.

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