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Understanding the mind of Change


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If Mur can do it, I can do it too..

[i]Change[/i] used to love even numbers. S/he loved even numbers even to the exclusion of odd numbers. Change hated odd numbers. Recently, however, Change has started to like odd numbers, even to the point of possibly favouring them over even numbers.

This quest/contest will last for one week. I will give at least a heat stone to the person who posts here (in my opinion) the best explaination for Change's change. I will even give out the heat stone if only one person posts here saying 'Because'.

Yes this is intentionally vague, and I probably will do more of these (though perhaps less vague ones) in the future. After one week is done, I may make a post explaining my choice, or I may not.

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Even numbers are nice and round and initially very attractive, but the allure of the odd numbers is their disorder when compared with even numbers (repeating decimals when divided in some cases, flipping between odd and even when added, etc). As change is an agent of chaos, it must favour disorder, and so does Change, as a model of his/her namesake.

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Because when Change going shopping, he/she needs 'odd change' to buy Christmas Gifts without getting back some more 'loose change'. For instance, products which cost $99, [s]$24.99[/s] etc.

(Oh I see...Didn't know that Change :)) Errm...No cents then :cool:)

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Let us limit our analysis to the first ten numbers. Change is easily bored. Change realized that two and four have a lot in common, and that six is just groups of three and you end up with two again. Eight can be similarly boring. Ten is complete and you see it every day, so ten is also boring.

On the other hand, the odd numbers are interesting. One is so special that you wonder why you class it as a number there in the first place. Three is a very human number. Five is 2+3 and has ([url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordianism#Law_of_Fives"]http://en.wikipedia....sm#Law_of_Fives[/url]) its own law! Seven is closely linked with cycles, like the emotions and the days of the week, which the previous numbers weren't. Nine is what you get when you remove a unit from the larger unit so it can be seen as the by-product of creativity. You end up with five interesting odd numbers, which is an odd number!

From this we can see that the analysis and division characteristic of even numbers is extremely boring compared to the intuitive jumps you can make with the odd numbers.

Change had adjusted to a society that favors the analysis associated with even numbers, which is "analysis" and science. The moment Change discovered an alternative path, Change changed.

LE #1:

Change liked blue, yellow, and green, prior to realizing that you can make green from blue and yellow. Change then omitted green.

Similarly, it is possible to create even numbers from odd numbers.

(Change claims to still love even numbers. They do have their place, and analysis has a place. I love it too sometimes.)

LE #2:

To clarify edit number one. It is possibly and likely that the only reason Change's opinion about the evens and odds changed was as a direct result of opinion about the color green changing. I will not speculate (for now at least) regarding WHY Change considered the above reason sufficient to remove green from the favorite colour list.

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Because his/her name defines who s/he is and how s/he thinks.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]And because his/her name IS Change, that defines him/her.[/color][/font]

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I love how most of you have used the her/him thing. :wub: Actually, what would be interesting would be for you to use whichever pronoun you think fits Change's personality at the time. That is, what gender is change? So you could use her, him, s/he, shi, hir, it, etc.

@kellox :)) Canada's gotten ridden of the penny though, so either the new price will be *.95 instead of *.99, or it will stay at *.99 and anyone paying with Change will pay one cent extra so it's rounded up to an even number. (The price is rounded to the nearest multiple of 5).

Good answers so far. Feel free to edit your posts to add more possible reasons (but I wouldn't get rid of what you wrote previously, as I might have really liked that).

Also, all hail Eris, all hail Discordia! -)(-

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In order to grow and to evolve we must change. Even changing our minds on something can be good. I think Change has changed his mind because it is just a natural progression of his persona. "The more things change, the more they stay the same".

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Change is the only constant. And at the same time, its the only one that can not be. Change is forever moving. Shifting. Morphing. Changing.

To understand Change, is to understand that nothing truly exists. If nothing truly exists, than anything can happen. That is what Change does. It does what needs to get done, and doesnt need to get done, next.

If Change stopped being Change all together. that would still be a Change. It will never Change, and yet, it is forever Changing.

The idea itself, is only the peak of the iceberg. To understand Change, to truly, truly get it, one must know absolute nothingness.

So to wrap this up. You now like the other set of numbers, not because you are forced to by your own nature, not because it was a whim, but because you are simply... Change.

You will always be the same. You will always be the everdifferent constant.

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Mmm.. all of these answers are good, some great.

So far Pipstickz, kellox, and Ackshan Bemunah have given the kind of answers that I'm looking for. The others have all been about the nature of Change. This is fine, but I'm more asking for reasons for this specific change rather than any change. That is, why do I suddenly like odd numbers a lot more than I used to? This could potentially get into the nature of odd and even numbers.

I am planning on doing more of these on different Changes (I change all the time, but this one was quite significant as I've disliked odd numbers for over a year until now). Thus, you could say, 'Change changes because change is change' for each of them, but that's not what I'm looking for now.

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ahh numbers are beautiful things, there's various different meanings and implications about numbers, which are mostly fascinating.

If we follow wiki (all hail wiki!)

Definitions relating to specific numbers;[list=1]
[*]Individual; aggressor; self; leadership [i]yang[/i]
[*]Balance; union; receptive; partnership [i]yin[/i]
[*]Action; restlessness; life experience
[*]Home/family; responsibility
[*]Thought/consciousness; spirit
[*]Highest level of changes
So you have the odds - Individual, Self, Leadership, Communication, Action, Life Experience, Consciousness, Spirit, High change levels
And the evens - Balance, Partnership, Creation, Home, Responsibility, Power

So you perhaps have gone from evens, that of things beginning, and making sense, a certain conformity with a sense of grouping with the home and partnership, and have now leaned more towards that of concentrating more on yourself and personal focuses to improve self-worth.
It would suggest that you have perhaps gone from an environment that has been enclosed, and put into one where you have had to discover yourself to at least a certain extent.

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Because Change realized that with odd numbers, it allows for a nice diversity in division. Due to the fact that 9 can be divided into 3 groups while remaining a whole number, and 13 cannot have such a joy as being divided by anything other than itself, odd numbers are all different in this way. Thus, odd numbers are clearly better than even numbers. Except for 2. 2 is a kool number.

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[quote name='Mallos' timestamp='1356409105' post='128788']
Cause prime numbers are cool and even numbers cannot be prime numbers with the exception of 2.

Hey! The way I worded it is much kooler than yours! :/ Lol even if it's more lengthy and slightly more confusing.... >>

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[quote name='Dragual' timestamp='1356416783' post='128796']
Hey! The way I worded it is much kooler than yours! :/ Lol even if it's more lengthy and slightly more confusing.... >>

On that note, feel free to take from each other's ideas in answering this question and others. Mind you, give credit where it's due of course. Also, I love long and concise answers. The longer the better.

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Think of shapes.

What shapes do you get from odd numbers -

A line
A triangle
A pentagon
A seven sided figure (heptagon)

Now, if you notice the angles, none of these shapes can be made of all right angles. Triangles can have one right angle, sure, but surely not ALL right angles.

It should pop instantly into your mind that a rectangle, of course, has 4 90 degree angles. And that the word rectangle derives from latin - rect, meaning right. Angle, meaning... well... angle.

But now say you want to add more 90 degree angles to a rectangle. Try to add one more. 5 right angles. It's impossible. But adding 2? That's child's play.

And adding 4? Easy peasy. 6? Pie. 8? Cake. 10? Some other sort of sweet.

As you can see, only even sided figures can be made entirely of right angles. Only even numbers have this innate sense of precision and rigor.

This geometric explanation provides some deep thinking into why even numbers feel so safe, so secure, so... right. So stable. And truly do we have stable when we have just 3 of things? What years of your life did you enjoy most? What number do you enjoy rounding things off to? There's much behind even numbers that fuels this "right"-ness.

Aha - but once you realize this, once you start to feel stable, secure, etc, as a being of Change must notice, this is not dynamic, fluid, free. There is some sort of comforting infinitesimal progressional comfort brought about by imagining shapes adding a single dimension of complexity forever, but we don't want fractals, we want fun!

We want explosions, interruptions.

This is odd numbers. Creation, expansion, instability.

Or change.

But then the pendulum of course may swing the other direction, and just as soon as odd numbers began to represent freedom they may instead color themselves as discomfort or uneasiness, as ugliness or fear. And then we retreat like tides back into EVEN. Into the RIGHT side.

Left side, right side, angles, shapes, polygons, infinity, fractals.

This is my answer.


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[quote name='Change' timestamp='1356241795' post='128683']
[i]Change[/i] used to love even numbers. S/he loved even numbers even to the exclusion of odd numbers. Change hated odd numbers. Recently, however, Change has started to like odd numbers, even to the point of possibly favoring them over even numbers.
Considering that this is a RL matter, and the "love" is real and well thought once can only think this is due to a matter of heart.
There are 2 possible causes, both based on a this hypothesis:
1. s/he is heart broken. (negative possibility)
The love of evens would have come from the "pair" (2 , even number) when youngsters would love to share everything together and would not conceive to do individually
The change to odds would come from a separation w/ heart broken, when the one in cause would prefer to always be/do things alone.
As an extension to this, one changes it's love from evens to odds choices

2. in a relation comes a 3rd (positive possibility)
It can happen to a couple on (perspective of) the arrival of another person (mostly the first child).

Of course there can be other causes for this change but this is a MAJOR change of mentality. It would imply a change in the world as s/he sees to the point of mental instability.

Also considering the choice of words in the above quote and the nature of the item (even numbers) one can consider that the is about a girl and this would sustain one of the 2 theories mentioned above.

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Change has to change.
Whims and fancies usually change in a period of time.
Change's favorite principle became principle of time. So even though Change's perception of tastes changes, It all is the same in the end.
Change developed a respect for odd numbers because Change started noticing subconsciously that odd numbers are the essence of even numbers.
Change got bored of liking even numbers.

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Hmm, I wish I had a better thought, but my only one is that at MP3, Change loved evenness as a counter-point to the oddness of Mind Power.

In time, Change grew to a solidly earthy Mind Power Four. This began the shift to higher thoughts, and the simple balance of even pairings shifted to the dynamics of the Odds. Others before me explained it much better already, so I'll refer you to the similar comments above.

At Mind Power Five, the stability of the four is re-enforced by that extra one. It was a natural progression of love.
Like a moebius strip is 'flat' and one dimentional, yet curled to the third dimension, but starts as a plane of 2D paper.... :)

Grapes want to turn to wine.
Evens attract the Odds, and together, even out again.
Eventually, Change will embrace both, together, but not quite yet.

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[quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1356707455' post='129129']
I only laugh at humans trying to change the world ...Only fools try to change the world ... the fact is the World changes U hehe....

It's quite easy to change the world, the really hard part is not changing it. Quite a few people change the world by breathing, others change it by suddenly not breathing, and the rest of them change it by continuing to not breathe. ;)

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