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Lands affiliations & tags

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Lately I did some research on land coordinates and their tags and I would like to propose some changes:

.| Don't kill me, I posted here only for LotE as this is my affiliation and I don't want to interfere with other land's management.
.| If you want suggestions for NC/GG/LR let me know.
.| For MDA ... I don't have all the current tags yet. I will work on it this week. So, don't ask me yet.
.| Feel free to add suggestions , pro and con for suggestions with shortest comment possible.
.| I intended this to "fix" some unsolved minor issues that one man might not have the power/will to do it.
/end Edit

1. it seems that there are 4 locations for "Item Collecting":

MB: Willow's Shop Interior
LR: Oak Fort
GG: Inside the Drachorn Lair
GG: Fort Inneryard

Considering the land distribution, a few more locations with "Item Collecting" should be implemented.

I will propose for LotE, NC can propose a location of their own if they so please.

I would like to propose at least one of these tags ("Item Collecting") into LotE and I would propose
- one in "7_floatingbook_2" across the "warrior's bust" where you get the achievement inside that house. Usually this tag is followed by "sanctuary" but I don't think it is necessary in this case.

- another location for this tags ("Item Collecting") would be Tea Market ("7_teamarket_1") if it does not interfere with "itemdispatch" and "Sanctuary"

2. There is a location "7_drywatertemple_1" where on a door the hint is : "Drywater Temple" and inside the location is "7_drywaterstorystone_1" .
And "drywaterstorystone" looks like a store / shop.
I propose to change the hint to something else "Drywater Temple Store" .

Also, "7_drywaterstorystone_1" has perfect image for "Item Collecting" . (and that would make 3 tags in more then 70 scenes in LotE)

3. "7_localpub_2" it has the tag "itemdispatch" . Maybe it should be a "sanctuary".
Drinking and wielding a weapon might not be the safest thing to do.

Also, can you please Name this place as "No Problem Pub" ?

4. still in LotE, "Border view tower" ( 7_borderviewtower_1 ) is set to Sanctuary. I do not understand the reason for this as it is close enough to Tea Market ("7_teamarket_1") and to Temple Hall ("7_templehall_1"), both with Sanctuary.

I propose Sanctuary for "7_hotelreception_1" (Please name it "3 coin reception", also please name 7_threecoinhotel_1 scene to "3 Coin Inn")

Also, I propose sanctuary to the complete Mansion : (7_mansionhall_1, 7_mansionpianoroom_1 , 7_mansionleisureroom_1).

And with that, there should be enough Sanctuaries in East.

5. add some water in LotE in "7_waterpump_1" or name the place "Dry water pump". Do as you want as it works fine both ways.
No need to be a big number as there are not that many shared items available to collect it in East.

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Hi Azul,

For "Item collectig" for NC, I would have said "House of the Tainted Times" but I don't know what role you are giving to it and "Deathmarrow, Capitol of Necrovion", but it is your decision.

But for NC, I would have proposed more Bone resource locations:
- about 5 bones for each altar, every land. In NC's case The Eternal Toiler . As there is no altar in LotE I didn't suggest that in my first post.
- at least 2-3 bones for some scenes of battle (NML: Clash of Ages & GG : Siege Crest - if I am not mistaken)

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Other than the name change for the pub and the temple these all look like good ideas. As said in the DoM there are two item collection locations, but the rest of the Tribunal could use some as well.

Furthermore the Drywater Bridge might also hold water.

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Hi Shem,

Except from the bones for the altar, I haven't seen anything missing. And LR has about all kind or resource in great abundance.

All you will be missing will be the "Mineral Water" but with the lack of shared items for it and the abundance of "water" ... it should is should be OK.

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Note: now with easy to add scene additions we could add more relevant things to places where you can collect items, maybe some sort of totem to symbolize this functionality? or a trader symbol/painting/statuette...


it will add a visible indicator in addition to the scene flags

add in tribunal there can be more item colelcting places, probably i missed adding one

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