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Let's quote some of the knowledgeble fang's knowledge that he shares with new players (tiny bits since there are too many and me is lazy today):

[quote]Fang Archbane:The MP2s were all born in GG

[quote]Fang Archbane:A good exmaple of a system quest is the MDA Puzzle
Fang Archbane:Which, when you solve, gives you a WP and a Puzzle Medal

[quote]Fang Archbane:and secondly, Magic influences everything in this realm.
Fang Archbane:I could cast magic on you that would make any you fight, fight themselves.
Fang Archbane:it would make it so that if you were to fight both guards at 100% slider, youd win without doubt.
Fang Archbane holds the Orb of magic closer to her
Fang Archbane:What say you? It is your call. know however, that at MP4 they will reappear to be beaten once more, and there is NO OTHER way to beat them at MP3. not anymore.
Fang Archbane squints slowly and awaits her answer
Syrian:i want it
Syrian:i would be very grateful if u could do that for me
Fang Archbane smiles slowly, letting both his canines gleam in the midday sun
Fang Archbane:Your not as pure as you seem. Curiosity corrupts you. That, i am okay with.
Fang Archbane snaps his fingers and lets the Orb dissapear
Fang Archbane:then we shall wait till we return to the GoE. that way, you can regen your AP, and fight them as soon as i cast it.
Fang Archbane looks into her eyes with something that might be confused as sorrow
Fang Archbane:And i will only say this once. never, EVER, tell anyone i did this for you.
Syrian:i never said anything about me being pure...knowledge is what drives me
Syrian:even perhaps to my end
Fang Archbane:If you do, id lose any credibility as a Live Help Operator in training.
Fang Archbane:id be beaten and left on the curb. i am strong. i can fend most off. but i can not beat the world.

LE: removed the spoiler myself.

Edited by dst
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I think I almost never seen anyone change his/her mind as fast as you do... one day you want do a thing and the nex day you want do another thing... my opinion is think well about your ROLE in MD and after work on it... not do 5000 things togheter.... one day you want be a LHO, after revive GGG, after gain loyalty of all lands, citizen of MB, after east land for TKs, after applied into caretakers for continue to get loyalty after you lose tk alliance, after help as honor fam, after become mp7, after give out pickles, after apply again for LHO... you have changed mind on these things in really few time and I'm quite sure I forgot something... so think well and after decide...

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[b] [size=4]MRAlyon, i see Fang role an stimulating or an making news in MD, it sure beet boredome ... i think MD is more alive with all his ever changing endavior[/size][/b]

[size=4]me think that if he was not there, one should invent his role ...[/size]

[size=4]anyway i like him[/size]


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DARK....It took me a good ten seconds to solve the "riddle," give him some credit...

[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1362558165' post='133511']
If you have any issues with me or how I do things, please redirect all questions and statements to Chewett.

This made me laugh. Just saying.

I actually had to read dst's post twice to pick up on the faulty information. Seems like he provides the gist if he has it.

As far as mp3 not being able to beat the guards, though...hehehehehe.

Wanting to do everything and actually trying to do it is a characterization of all my favorite people. Some are better at it than others, but that's mostly a matter of practice and mental capacity/abilities of memory...all of which someone can actively improve

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[quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1362579859' post='133520']
DARK....It took me a good ten seconds to solve the "riddle," give him some credit...

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]You too!? :mad:[/color][/font][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400] [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400] [/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Some (including me) may have worked quite hard to earn that code, and Fang gave it away just like that.[/color][/font]

Edited by DARK DEMON
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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1362586819' post='133532']
Why chewett?

Do not contact me for this.

Fan has issues nicely talking thugs through and I was hello him with regards to PR but since he has decided to break some of the promises he made with respect to it I shall be unable to help him with this. I have sent this privately but it appears he has ignored it. Quite hard when it pops up going "you have a pm"

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1362594301' post='133539']
My pm system has been breaking recently chew.

I don't receive a good half of the PMs I should.

Idda logged it as a bug but "mp7 is broken".

Congratulations. That comment made me angry. You succeeded.

Why don't you try viewing the FORUM pm I sent you magicduel.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=24176

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[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1362584301' post='133527']
I earned it the hard way too DD. throwing that out there. My info is mine to do with as I please no?

No, it's not. There are spoiler rules for a reason. Let me quote myself.

[quote name='Change']
In almost all, if not all of the other games that I've played I've felt pressured to mine the forums for every bit of info about the game. In magicduel it's different. I still haven't leveled up a remains fully for instance, and I can't wait to find out what the max level is like exactly, [b]on my own[/b]. :) That's the case even if it's nothing special. In any other game, there'd be a wiki detailing every single level and stats of all of the creatures, which rituals are good for what, etc. In most other games, one can know everything that there is to know about a game by reading up on it beforehand.

A good guide for whether or not something is a spoiler is whether or not it's on the wiki.[/quote]

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  • 2 months later...

I read a post in this thread mentioning the revival of the GGG. Is that open to mp3s? I hit HT too fast and want to use a wp from 60 active days to get an xp reset.


Pretty much what DD said.

I wouldn't recommend using a WP for reseting heat/xp. Wish points (beside the ones for age, but those are not many) are hard to obtain and rewards you can use them for are quite interesting.

Spells, item creation and more...

Why don't you want to advance to MP4 just yet?

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