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Help with a competition I entered if possible o.o''


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Well um, I've entered Surreys next big thing. Which is a competition for young artists... In Surrey o.o and, and, and I would really appreaciate it if you could help me out o.o... All you need to do is click the link o.o

http://wearesurge.co.uk/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=638#.UUQYFTf_bsB And that's it! [size=2](also if you watch if I'm sorry about the timings D:)[/size]

Okay no I kinda lied that's not it...Um, also if possible o.o...If you'd like to help me even more, then if you could share the link with every human you come into cantact with that would be really cool o.o.... Or just post the link on a blog/tumblr/twitter/fb if you have one, please and thank you and o.o You don't have to but if you could just click the link then that would be awesomesauce o.o''

Thank you!

[size=1](And I'm sorry for asking this but I figured it was worth a try and it's turned into a popularity contest anyway and yeah....o.o I'm sorry o.o )[/size]

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>.>.... <.<..... I feel bad for the double post... and I kinda spoke to soon so I apologize >.> but uh >.<

I WON :D, just got an email from surge saying I was the winner and they are fine tuning the mentorship, and I don't know why the top votes weren't counted, but it may be because they weren't unique views o.o EITHER WAY O.O I'm really happy right now XD And if this post lacks sense and has too many emotes I apologize.

So yeah again thank you :3 >.> and uh I'll stop now~

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